Oi! Division

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Les Savy Fav Les Savy Fav

Back to the tried and true formula of new, old, obscure, and occasionally weird with tonight’s set, which features the return of Les Savy Fav and their always welcome abrasive electropunk. It’s now that time of year when I enter the studio in daylight and exit in pitch black darkness, which I always appreciate. In between, there were lots of exciting discoveries. Expect more heavily-censored Guppy in coming weeks!

In this episode: Africa HiTech, The American Analog Set, Art Lord And The Self Portraits, The Avett Brothers, Babe Rainbow, Baldwin Brothers, Being Dead, BIG SPECIAL, Boredoms, The Bug Club, Cage The Elephant, Camera Obscura, Cindy Lee, Coastwest Unrest, The Countdown Quartet, Crumb, Dehd, Disappearer, The Ditty Mu, Dry Cleaning, Einstürzende Neubauten, Fred und Luna, Guppy, Humbert, Islands, Kim Gordon, Les Savy Fav, Levitation Room, Lisa Germano, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los Straitjackets, Mary My Hope, Maserati, Mdou Moctar, The Mooney Suzuki, Oranj Symphonette, Peaches Shoecase, Perez Prado, Pokey Lafarge, Pufftube, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Sega Bodega, Shannon & the Clams, Shellac, Tapir!, Van Halen

  Song Artist Notes
1 You Really Got Me Van Halen Originally from the Kinks
3 Oi! Division Les Savy Fav Electric mappings
4 Which Dooyoo Like? Boredoms Make some noise
5 I MOCK JOGGERS BIG SPECIAL Resentful of their physicality
6 Float Into The Sky Cage The Elephant In an aspirational mood
8 The Hourglass Shannon & the Clams Breakneck triplets
9 Who Is On Your Side The Ditty Mu Really need to know
10 EPA (Edward Paul Abbey) Coastwest Unrest Monkeywrenching
11 Suicide King Mary My Hope Southern gothic
13 Ghoul Rainbow Kitten Surprise Ponderous messaging
14 Drown A Fish Islands More material from under the waves
15 Pure Gold Dehd Shiny, yellow
16 Sad Apples, Dance! Art Lord And The Self Portraits Melancholy fruit shakes
18 Wild One Cindy Lee Not too wild
19 Many Moons Of Love Babe Rainbow Sheer lunacy
20 Guaglione Perez Prado Back and forth and back
21 Bananas Oranj Symphonette
23 Love Of A Girl The Avett Brothers Works every time
24 The Great American Picnic Being Dead Lonesome and distant
25 Quality Pints The Bug Club In your town!
26 Untitled Tapir! A doomed type of relaxing
28 American Cowboy Guppy Something I can actually feel
29 Love Theme from Emergency Peanut Pufftube Unsettled
30 Oh Sweet Susanna The Mooney Suzuki Those handclaps
31 You're The One Humbert South Florida crunch pop
33 We're Going to Make It in a Man's World Camera Obscura Scottish country music
34 From Outside A Window Sill Crumb The sound of rain on glass
35 Destroy The Flower Lisa Germano Shards and shatters
36 Adulter8 Sega Bodega Bitcrushed
38 So Long Chicago Pokey Lafarge Strutting away
39 Sleepwalk Los Straitjackets Originally from Santo and Johnny
40 Caliente Los Amigos Invisibles Muy calentey!
41 Clearly Of You The Countdown Quartet Feeling romantic
43 CAPITAL D Disappearer Seething fury
44 BYE BYE Kim Gordon She’s done
45 A Schoolboy's Charm The American Analog Set A hypnotic drone
46 Ultradement Peaches Shoecase I don’t know either
48 WSOD Shellac Tone like a scalpel
49 Phone Scam Dry Cleaning A lurid story
50 Sousoume Tamacheq Mdou Moctar Foot on the gas
51 Out In The Streets Africa HiTech Throbbing headache
53 Isso Isso (That's right) Einstürzende Neubauten Wry and Teutonic
54 Revelations Levitation Room All is made clear
55 We Got the System to Fight the System (Remastered) Maserati Bagel goes under
56 Funky Junkyard Baldwin Brothers The junkiest
58 Es ist so schön Fred und Luna The tickety-boo