Blue Velvet

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Messer Chups Messer Chups

If you want suave, it’s hard to get more suave than “Blue Velvet,” and horror-surf combo Messer Chups delivers a version that’s not only suave but also quite kinetic. From the accelerated temp to the lyrical guitar line to the luscious spring reverb, it’s a welcome spin on the old croony standard. Tonight’s show was accompanied by tremedous wind and lightning, with occasional rain.

In this episode: African Head Charge, American Trappist, Andrew Bird, Asher White, Buck 65, Bully, Clark, Cut Worms, Deer Tick, Dinosaur Jr., DJ Danifox, Draag, Easy Money, Emiliana Torrini, Fantastic Negrito, The Green Pajamas, Groovie Ghoulies, The Growlers, The Hidden Cameras, Joanna Sternberg, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Kevin Morby, KNOWER, Liquid Liquid, M. Ward, Maxi Priest, Messer Chups, The Murlocs, The National, Paul Einhaus, The Photon Band, The Rutles, Scruffy The Cat, Sir Millard Mulch, Skating Polly, Skopitone Sisko, The Smile, Stereo Total, Thee Oh Sees, Vulfpeck, Water From Your Eyes, Wolf People, Wugazi

  Song Artist Notes
1 Blue Velvet Messer Chups Here’s to Ben
3 Seg Fault American Trappist Crashing the mainframe
4 Eucalyptus The National Discussing the endless jukebox
5 Barley Water From Your Eyes Enumeration visitation
7 Shadow Woman The Growlers A somewhat tropical feel
8 I Knew A Girl from Oxford Town Paul Einhaus In a Childish mood
9 I Need Seed Thee Oh Sees Some sort of churlish gnome
10 Cavern Liquid Liquid The eternal bass line
12 Baby On My Birthday Skating Polly Worthy of a celebration
13 My Baby She's Allright Scruffy The Cat Long and lean like a Cadillac
14 Poinciana Vulfpeck Vocoder time
15 15 Interesting Things to Do With Tiny Chairs II Sir Millard Mulch Try sitting on one
17 new kerrang M. Ward All the kids are into it
18 Me And Armini Emiliana Torrini Icelandic reggae
19 Boys of Melody The Hidden Cameras A pastoral epic
20 Let's Go Out On The Town Cut Worms In a strolling mood
22 She Gets All The Girls Groovie Ghoulies Can’t compete
23 On the Edge Easy Money Out of Victoria BC
24 Feel The Pain Dinosaur Jr. Gives the feels
25 Night Witch Wolf People A dramatic turn
27 Forgiving Ties Deer Tick Feeling quite Petty
28 Cheese And Onions The Rutles Do I have to spell it out?
29 Cosmonaute Stereo Total Goodnight, Françoise
30 Smithereens The Murlocs Blown up
32 All This Noise Bully Call to arms
33 Blues X Man The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion He don’t want that bother
34 Saturn Returns The Photon Band Psychedelphia remains
36 Stockholm Syndrome Joanna Sternberg Happy hostages
37 Mickey Mantle's Autograph Kevin Morby Reminisce some more
38 They Go Low Fantastic Negrito Sinister intentions
39 Animal Specialty Draag Walls of chords
41 Joy Ride / The Happy Ending The Green Pajamas In for the long haul
42 It's All Nothing Until It's Everything KNOWER Got the clowncore beat
43 Here We Go Again Buck 65 Uncle Buck is back
44 I’m A Winner African Head Charge Repeat this affirmation
46 Festivus Andrew Bird Deft pluckings
47 Ilha dos Bruxos DJ Danifox Sparse travels
48 Starman Maxi Priest More stardub
50 Town Crank Clark Very annoying
51 Sleep Rules Everything Around Me Wugazi The clash we’ve been waiting for
52 Modern Guilt Asher White Flashes of contrition
53 Disko Skopitone Sisko Excessive glitter citation
55 Bending Hectic The Smile Suspended moments