No One Knows

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

Josh Caterer Josh Caterer

There are voices so distinctive that their timbre is an instrument onto itself. This is the case with Josh Caterer, who was first heard singing for a band called The Smoking Popes. He has a wildly diverse solo career now, but tonight we play his reworked version of a Popes song.

In this episode: Asian Dub Foundation, Camper Van Beethoven, The Countdown Quartet, The Deathray Davies, Denise James, Drive-By Truckers, The Epizootis, Gerben Rienk Visser + Bob Van Houten, Guided By Voices, Hands Down Eugene, His Name Is Alive, Illinois, The Jamaicans, Jason Lytle, Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird, Josh Caterer, Juliana Hatfield, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Le Hammond Inferno, The Lonesome Organist, Los Straitjackets, The Love Language, Manchester Orchestra, Mister Ott, Music Is The Weapon, Nouvelle Vague, Orville Peck, Os Mutantes, Pakava It, Palace Brothers, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, People Like Us, Poi Dog Pondering, The Promise Ring, Ratboys, Red Baraat, Round Eye, The Routes, Sirconical, Spirit of the Beehive, Thingy, Thinking Fellers Union Local #282, UNKLE, The Vaccines

  Song Artist Notes
1 No One Knows The Vaccines Originally by Queens of the Stone Age
3 Broken Goods The Routes Punked out in Shanghai
4 Nosebleed Illinois Country fried freak show
5 Lalita The Love Language But is it Chardlingo?
7 Writing a Letter Josh Caterer Reworking the classics
8 Kansas (Remembers Me Now) Orville Peck For the Slim Whitman fans
9 Mayday Thingy Weaving through traffic
10 Baba Boom The Jamaicans An original vibration
12 Key Ratboys Not the usual garbage
13 Full Blast Hands Down Eugene A big extended sprawl
14 Had a Dream Juliana Hatfield Daring experiments
15 Funny Steps Gerben Rienk Visser + Bob Van Houten Dutch treat
17 Dolly Pardon People Like Us Where to start
18 Balloon Race Phenomenon The Lonesome Organist Out. of. control.
19 Moondance. Sirconical Laconic and disparate
21 Close Your Eyes and Floor It The Deathray Davies What’s the worst could happen
22 I'll Go Down Swinging Los Straitjackets If I gotta go…
23 Skips A Beat (Over You) The Promise Ring Twelve hours in two minutes
25 Margaret Middle School Guided By Voices Fragments of memory
26 Nice Day His Name Is Alive Open the windows
27 Bat Macumba Os Mutantes Sounding it out
28 Te Manu Pukarua Poi Dog Pondering Get yourself to the islands
30 Poor Lost Souls Jimbo Mathus & Andrew Bird A modern pilgrimage
31 Athol Brose Nouvelle Vague Originally by Cocteau Twins
32 Yours Truly, The Commuter Jason Lytle Coming in for a landing
33 For The Mekons et al Palace Brothers Name check deluxe
35 Keel Timing Manchester Orchestra Syncopation to there and back
36 Klezmer Ivanyeh Pakava It Balkan twostep
37 Move Your MP3 Le Hammond Inferno Bomb all these and destroy them
38 Do Yourself Some Good (Rōnin Throwdown) UNKLE Mufflebass and cowbell
40 ENTERTAINMENT Spirit of the Beehive A bit of the far out there
41 Pleura King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard For beat-counting obsessives
42 The Butterfly Effect The Epizootis Big finish
44 Armadillo Man Round Eye So much punk in so little time
45 My Pal the Tortoise Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 Fairly speedy for a tortoise
46 I'm a Breakdown The Countdown Quartet A complete shambles
48 Heart Camper Van Beethoven Watch what you say
49 Love Has Got Me Crying Again Denise James Sound out of time
50 Kinky Hypocrite Drive-By Truckers Pay attention
52 Can't Pay Won't Pay Asian Dub Foundation Do not be presumptuous
53 Rosasolis Penguin Cafe Orchestra Harmonic cascades
54 Bhangale Red Baraat Featuring Delicate Steve
55 The Gauntlet (bonus track) Music Is The Weapon Try to keep up
57 Bad Actor Mister Ott Funk out