Local Boy

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Skiffle Players The Skiffle Players

A listener suggested I slip in Wham!’s “Last Christmas” but as someone filled with old-fashioned Lacking Integrity, I politely declined. That said, your host survived the season unscathed. In this episode, we dedicate the Middle Hour to some fine covers. Shout out to Robin in Atlanta for hanging out in the late-night post-holiday gulch.

In this episode: a.k.a:RUDIE, All Them Witches, Aluminum Babe, Beechwood, Bishop Allen, The Bobs, Calvin Johnson, Chris Murray, Devo, Dread Zeppelin, The Extra Glenns, Free Radicals, The Fucking Eagles, J Mascis, The Jack Moves, Jon Spencer, Kero Kero Bonito, King Brothers, Laura Gibson, The Lonesome Organist, Low, Meat Purveyors, Metal Molly, Mike Doughty, Money Mark, The Moog Cookbook, The Moore Brothers, Nebula Rosa, The New Pornographers, The Orwells, Robyn Hitchcock, Ron Gallo, Ruins, Seu Jorge And Almaz, The Skiffle Players, Soundhack, Squarepusher, The Starlight Mints, Sudakistan, Superchunk, Tennis, Tripping Daisy, Turkuaz, Vic Chesnutt, White Reaper, Willie Wisely, XTC

  Song Artist Notes
1 Local Boy The Skiffle Players Boogie to the max
2 Uncontrollable Urge Devo Got an urge I gotta purge 'cause I'm losing control
3 Flew Out My Window The Lonesome Organist Spooky theremin
4 Blanco Sudakistan Advice for dealing with the devil
6 No Want King Brothers Burning hot
7 Love Is Wrong Willie Wisely It happens!
8 See You At The Movies J Mascis Mellowing out, man
9 Acoustic PVC Metal Molly Cyberpunk killer
11 Slow Joke Grin Laura Gibson It's a voice
12 Cue The Elephants Bishop Allen Done, done, done
13 Don't Say Nebula Rosa Sultry movements
14 Ghost Jon Spencer The worst kind of ghost
16 Who Are You? Point To It! Ron Gallo no no no no no no...
17 M.A.D. The Orwells Dern catchy
18 Inside of Me The Starlight Mints Not a word
19 Tomorrow World Squarepusher Jungloid beats
21 Oliver's Army a.k.a:RUDIE Originally by Elvis Costello
22 White Room The Bobs Originally by Cream
23 Ça Plane Pour Moi Aluminum Babe Originally by Plastic Bertrand
25 Indian Bingo Tripping Daisy Originally by Brainiac
26 100,000 Fireflies Superchunk Originally by The Magnetic Fields
27 Train to Chicago Mike Doughty Originally by Drink Me
28 Black Dog Dread Zeppelin Originally by Led Zeppelin
30 Science Fiction Double Feature Chris Murray Originally from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
31 Museum Of Love Meat Purveyors Originally by Daniel Johnston
32 Pepe Y Irene Money Mark Originally by Los Lobos
33 Memories The Extra Glenns Originally by Leonard Cohen
35 When I Will Be Loved The Fucking Eagles Originally by the Everly Brothers
36 Night Lights Went Out In Georgia Vic Chesnutt Originally by Vicki Lawrence
37 25 Or 6 To 4 The Moog Cookbook Originally by Chicago
38 The Model Seu Jorge And Almaz Originally by Kraftwerk
40 Lookin For An Ice Girl The Jack Moves Like ice tea?
41 Fruit Nut XTC It's that sound
42 Screaming Free Radicals Bring the aggrofunk
44 Bubbles, Clouds And Rainbows Calvin Johnson Mystery keyboard combo
45 Bigot In My Bedroom Beechwood With that T. Rex spice
46 Rob's Dream All Them Witches No quarter
47 Please Don't Ruin This For Me Tennis Darling little waltz
49 The Abandoned Brain Robyn Hitchcock The hypothalamus is open to the rain
50 If I'd Known Kero Kero Bonito Throwback pop weirdness
51 You Open My Eyes The Moore Brothers You unlocked the mystery
52 B1 Soundhack Electronic monitoring
54 Cool White Reaper Fuzz attack
55 Black Sabbath Medley Reversible Ruins Indescribably accurate
56 Disarray Low Hypnopulsations
57 Myriad Harbour The New Pornographers Knockout punch
59 Lady Lovely Turkuaz Exotic phonq