Chamber For Sleep (Part One)

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Screaming Females Screaming Females

“Screaming Females” is a misnomer. There’s only one, and not a whole lot of screaming in “Chamber For Sleep (Part One)”.

In this episode: All That, Artichoke, Asylum Street Spankers, Born Ruffians, Car Seat Headrest, Daft Punk, Dean Ween Group, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Elvis Perkins In Dearland, Five-Eight, Flight of the Conchords, The Front Bottoms, Galactic, Gogol Bordello, Gwenno, The Hush Sound, Ill Ease, Internal/External, Jen Cloher, Jennyanykind, Julia P. Hersheimer, Killing Joke, The Kinks, L7, Ladytron, Loma, Marble Party, The Mercury Program, Messer Chups, METZ, Moon Hooch, Moondog, MOTOR, Naked Giants, Queens Of The Stone Age, Quintron, Screaming Females, Squeeze, Telamor, that dog., This Is The Kit, West Nkosi, The White Stripes

  Song Artist Notes
1 Chamber For Sleep (Part One) Screaming Females Infectious stuff
2 Fingerbangin Dean Ween Group Makin’ wozee
3 As You Cry The Hush Sound Wait for the big chorus
5 Eight Miles High Telamor Via the Byrds
6 Monkey Rag Asylum Street Spankers Your eyes may be brown but
7 Nazca Lines Of Peru The Mercury Program Good vibes
8 Seventeen Ladytron Prime number
10 Eighties Killing Joke Time travel
11 Paris Moondog Wild and unique
12 Mazuzu West Nkosi Get tropical
14 Great Australian Bite Jen Cloher Slow drag
15 Bae The Front Bottoms Mellowing out
16 Weirdo Five-Eight Close to home
18 Collegiate Dope Slingaz All That True story
19 3's & 7's Queens Of The Stone Age Off beats
20 Daftendirekt Daft Punk Let's hear it for filters
21 Up Early In The Morning Jennyanykind It me
23 Christmas Day Squeeze It’s not Xmas
24 Forget Me Born Ruffians Yell it out, man
25 My Strange Uncles From Abroad Gogol Bordello Everyone should have one
26 Re-Format MOTOR Wheezy beeps
28 Fell In Love With A Girl The White Stripes Watch the LEGO video
29 Westside Angst that dog. Slopped genius
30 Me & My Babysitter Ill Ease Uh huh
31 Who Is Speaking? Loma Subtle
33 Rust Ed Schrader's Music Beat Aggressive stuff
34 Lipstick Twang Messer Chups Twang away
35 Stop Your Sobbing The Kinks Made famous by the Pretenders
36 Bowie Flight of the Conchords Do you read me, Lieutenant Bowie?
38 Daromres y'n Howl Gwenno Like Stereolab
39 My Little Humidor Galactic Organ funk
40 60 Cycle Marble Party Starting slow
42 You Really Got Me / Song 2 Artichoke They go together
43 Hope Internal/External Slick bass
44 Solid Grease This Is The Kit Vocal acrobatics
45 Dead Alien Naked Giants Whanging away
47 Edward II Julia P. Hersheimer Rollicking shanty
48 Stop Smoking (We Love You) Car Seat Headrest For the quitters
49 Shampoo Elvis Perkins In Dearland Swagger in
51 Meet Me At The Club House Quintron Groovy wobble
52 Hanging On The Telephone L7 By the Nerves
53 Mess of Wires METZ Do not the stop
55 Contra Moon Hooch Acid brass