Mixtape 149 :: Strawberry Sunset

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Certain Animals Certain Animals

When your arrangements are razor-sharp, your moods mercurial and psychedelic, and your melodies constantly off-kilter, you’re probably a Dutch band like Certain Animals.

In this episode: A Tale of Golden Keys, Bootsy Collins feat. Robert "Bewise" Harding, Certain Animals, Cornershop, CSS, Fat Freddy's Drop, fIREHOSE, The Flaming Lips, Foxygen, Frente!, G. Love & Special Sauce, Grand Analog, The Herbaliser, The Hollywood Persuaders, IDLES, La Musica De La Mafia, METZ, Moby, Mother Falcon, Mother Mother, Neutral Milk Hotel, Palm, The Pica Beats, Pole, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Snake Eyes, The Strypes, The Sugarman Three & Co., TLO, Vampire Weekend

  Song Artist Notes
1 Strawberry Sunset Certain Animals Bring your own matchstick men
2 Bosco's Blues The Sugarman Three & Co. Smokin’
3 Drums A-Go-Go The Hollywood Persuaders Heavy menace
5 Fight Test The Flaming Lips What is it?
6 Sleep On The Left Side Cornershop Keep your sword arm free
7 Mansard Roof (Live @ KEXP) Vampire Weekend For all lovers of Mansard Rooves
9 Kill Them With Kindness IDLES A deceptive start
10 The Mirror METZ Hott Metz
11 Epoxy For Example fIREHOSE A jazzy interlude for the fans
13 Telephone Man Quintron & Miss Pussycat I WANT PUPPETS
14 Shrinking Violets The Pica Beats Very small
15 Vitamins TLO Not available!
16 Ride On / Oshiya Dub Grand Analog Beats beats beats
17 Composite Palm Even higher llamas
19 No Endodontic Treatment A Tale of Golden Keys Ouch
20 13 Chocolate Treadmill Snake Eyes Chopped up
21 On Your Knees The Herbaliser Funky times
22 Tangente Pole Overunderstated
24 Follow the Leader Foxygen Is it the '70s yet?
25 Bizarre Love Triangle Frente! A great song is a great song
26 The Drugs Mother Mother Disco rush
27 Song Against Sex Neutral Milk Hotel Is it swinging?
29 Bewise Bootsy Collins feat. Robert "Bewise" Harding Chock full of advice
30 Special Edition (feat. MC Slave) Fat Freddy's Drop Woozy feelings
31 U Mastru Di Lu Sonu La Musica De La Mafia Don’t eff with the Sicilians
33 Dream Of Water Mother Falcon Another mother band
34 Hangover CSS Brazilians, tired of being sexy
35 What A Shame The Strypes Not available Stateside?!
36 Nancy G. Love & Special Sauce There's two in the Special Sauce
38 Almost Home Moby Sparkling moodtime