Mixtape 135 :: Bottle Rocket Baby

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Old 97's Old 97's

Hissing steam and spitting fire, the Old 97s chew up the rails and cross-ties by playing country music with a punk attitude.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Boney M., decker., Dexter Romweber, The Districts, Duplex, Ebo Taylor, The Flaming Lips, Golden Shoulders, Holy Fuck, House of Freaks, Jackson And His Computerband, The Just Joans, L.A. Witch, Lettuce, Lisa LeBlanc, Low Frequency In Stereo, matt pond PA, Messer Chups, Mother Mother, Noisettes, Old 97's, Otto von Schirach, The Pack A.D., Sarah Alden , Sarah Vaughan, Shlohmo, Soul Coughing, Soul Quality Quartet, They Might Be Giants, The Young Fresh Fellows

  Song Artist Notes
1 Bottle Rocket Baby Old 97's Hot sauce for your ears
2 Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider 2nd Grade Spelling it out
3 XO A Golden Shoulders Instant pacesetter
4 Freaky Rhesus Duplex Crazy pieces
6 Motorbike House of Freaks That's a giant drum sound
7 Travelling Light Noisettes About time for a ballad
8 Fists of Violets Sarah Alden So dramatic
9 Mind Power Otto von Schirach A bizarro B-52s
11 Gen-Z L.A. Witch The end of the line
12 Plastic Jesus The Flaming Lips Via Cool Hand Luke
13 Wee Guys (Bobby's Got A Punctured Lung) The Just Joans Poor Bobby
14 Amponsah Ebo Taylor Happiness sound
16 Elephant Walk Lettuce Funky green stuff
17 Dump The Guy Asap Lisa LeBlanc Plinketty plunk
18 I Wanna Be Your Dog decker. Everybody wants to be a dog
19 Will You Please Be Quiet Please? The Districts Go tell your mother
21 Arp #1 Jackson And His Computerband Arp is blast
22 Rolling Soul Coughing Rolling in what?
23 Ma Baker Boney M. More Moroder?
25 Lipstick Twang Messer Chups Ticky ticky
26 It's Not My Birthday They Might Be Giants Brilliant oddity
27 Travelling Ants Who Got Eaten By Moskus Low Frequency In Stereo Rolling frequencies
28 Near Mint Holy Fuck Into the swirling color tunnel
30 Infinitesimal Mother Mother Reminds me of the Mints, Starlight
31 Hepcat Soul Quality Quartet I forgot the bag! Panic!
32 Hard to Mention The Young Fresh Fellows Can't have enough
34 The Seeker Dexter Romweber The Who as porch music
35 Dollhouse The Pack A.D. Vancouver gold
36 Fever [Adam Freeland Remix] Sarah Vaughan Update
37 Saint Catherine Creek matt pond PA Storytime
39 Rained the Whole Time Shlohmo Go ahead, jiggle the handle