Mixtape 90 :: Lather Rinse Repeat

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
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Acoustic punk rock is always a dicey proposition, but The Future Kings of Nowhere and Shayne O’Neill rip through the genre like a blowtorch on toilet paper. Slick!

In this episode: Casper Fandango And His Tiny Sick Tears, Cass McCombs, Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes, Cotton Candy, The Dismemberment Plan, Drive-By Truckers, The Future Kings of Nowhere, Grandaddy, Harper Simon, Jesca Hoop, The Kinks, Lali Puna, The Ruby Suns, Tamba Trio, Thao & Mirah, Top Shelf Jazz, Wugazi

  Song Artist Notes
1 Lather, Rinse, Repeat The Future Kings of Nowhere Cowpunk Deluxe
2 Cactus Flower Rag Harper Simon The younger Simon
3 The Sheik of Araby Top Shelf Jazz Going out to Sir Richard Bishop
4 Whispering Light Jesca Hoop Spookyhippychyck
6 A Sentimental Song Cotton Candy Sure sound like Imperial Teen
7 Ghetto Afterthought Wugazi Mash up the words
8 Dancin' Ricky Drive-By Truckers Atlanta, of course
9 Tane Mahuta The Ruby Suns Hawaiians should check out the IGA
11 Time Bomb The Dismemberment Plan Tickin’ away
12 Mas que Nada Tamba Trio A Sergio Mendes classic
13 The Go In The Go-For-It Grandaddy Zap me with those moogs, Jason
14 I'm Ready Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes The legend from Scruffy the Cat
16 When I Turn Off The Living Room Lights The Kinks So romantic
17 Folks Thao & Mirah The dames of strange
18 The Other Veronica Casper Fandango And His Tiny Sick Tears Near-rhymes steal my heart
19 Everywhere & Allover Lali Puna German, I think
21 The Lonely Doll Cass McCombs Lonesome at its lonesomest