Mixtape 186 :: Panam

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
The Giant Robots The Giant Robots

With a name like The Giant Robots and an origin country like Switzerland, it would be easy to make a play on their precision, but the truth is that completely misses the point of their particular type of rave-up.

In this episode: Daddy Long Legs, Dream Wife, The El Caminos, Everything But The Girl, The Felice Brothers, The Future Kings of Nowhere, The Giant Robots, Imperial Teen, Lali Puna, Los Straitjackets, M. Ward feat. First Aid Kit, Peter Manheim, The Rutles, Spot 1019, Stuck, What!

  Song Artist Notes
1 Panam The Giant Robots Wild organ time
3 Pachuko Soul The El Caminos Twisting twisting
4 Itchy Chicken Los Straitjackets Scratching!
5 Peace Groove Peter Manheim Smooth landing
7 too young to die M. Ward feat. First Aid Kit Such sweet morbidity
8 I Must Be In Love The Rutles I feel good, I feel bad
9 Jazz on the Autobahn The Felice Brothers Seems appropriate
10 The Beginning Imperial Teen Begin to get started
12 When You Mess Up Everything But The Girl Ethereal approach
13 Paper Napkins The Future Kings of Nowhere Long live the kings
14 House Of The Rising Bigfoot Spot 1019 A real howler
15 I Want You Dream Wife Expressing real needs
17 Been a Fool Once Daddy Long Legs Raspy good time
18 Shiny Coins What! Gimme the prog ska
19 Break The Arc Stuck It’s all angles
21 Everywhere & Allover Lali Puna Omnipresent