Mixtape 226 :: Buffalo

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Hurray for the Riff Raff Hurray for the Riff Raff

On this, Hurray for The Riff Raff and I agree: don’t mess with bison.

In this episode: , , , , , Atomic 7, Autogramm, Bob Log III, The California Honeydrops, Dusminguet, Grandaddy, Hurray For The Riff Raff, J Mascis, Katy Kirby, Mall Girl, Marshall Crenshaw, Omni, Optiganally Yours, Packs, Push Kings, Shibboleth, Talking Heads, Thao + Mirah

  Song Artist Notes
1 Buffalo Hurray For The Riff Raff Don’t mess with bison
3 Can't Believe We're Here J Mascis It’s been a long road
4 There She Goes Again Marshall Crenshaw Never gets old
5 Plastic Punx Autogramm The oldest of schools
6 Showtime Bob Log III Quite the racket
7 Exacto Omni Sharp sharp stuff
9 Blu Wav Grandaddy All too brief
10 The Boss Bass Flute of Ian-Whithurst-McKenneth Shibboleth It’s tremendous
11 Poodleman Optiganally Yours Quite scary
12 Daddy's Little World Atomic 7 It’s actually a big place
14 Folks Thao + Mirah Three times around the room
15 Inside Out Mall Girl Shooting those confetti cannons
16 Table Katy Kirby Laying it all out
18 Take Care Packs An irresistible drawl
19 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Talking Heads The subtlest of grooves
20 Siento Dusminguet Traditional feelings
21 The Minute Push Kings It’s over
23 Cry For Me The California Honeydrops Second line time