Waiting Room

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Failure Failure

Always a special treat to be back on the air after missing a show. This is the third show in a year that I’ve started with a Fugazi cover, in this case Failure taking on “Waiting Room” with their trademark grinding, implacable approach. The power of these songs, its distinctive musicality and lyrical content, is undiminished in the hands of any band bold enough to take on the material. Tonight also featured the confluence of several loyal listeners, including James in California, Underdog in Georgia, and Charley who is on South Korea time and got to take benefit from the time zone.

In this episode: African Music Drums Collection, Andre Williams & The Sadies, Billiam, Blonde Redhead, Bongwater, The Breeders, The Bronx, Chinese Man, Copa 7, The Cure, Downtown Harvest, El Flaco, Explosions In The Sky, Failure, The Folk Implosion, The Giant Robots, Hell Baby, Hollie Cook, Islands, Little Dragon, Margaret Glaspy, Medicine, Meshell Ndegeocello feat. Thandiswa & Joel Ross, My Bloody Valentine, No.33 Island (33岛), Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band, Of Montreal, Pale Blue Eyes, Pansy Division, The Postal Service, The Replacements, The Shaolin Afronauts, Snapped Ankles, Snõõper, Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood, Sparklehorse, Squid, Teenage Fanclub, Tom Waits, Trees Speak, Tribe, underscores, gabby start

  Song Artist Notes
1 Waiting Room Failure Originally from Fugazi
3 See the Light Teenage Fanclub Smooth sailing
4 Divine Hammer (2023 Remaster) The Breeders Sparkling like new
5 The District Sleeps Alone Tonight The Postal Service The robots have developed feelings
7 Hey Hey Go Away Medicine Overwhelming density
8 You Don't Love Me Yet Bongwater Originally from Roky Erikson
9 When You Sleep My Bloody Valentine Dimensional shifts in sound
10 Kenneth Little Dragon Interrogating for a frequency
12 Stretching Snõõper It’s all together all at once
13 Denial Hell Baby Can’t accept it
14 Balboa Downtown Harvest Carnival funk
15 Weapon of Mass Destruction Andre Williams & The Sadies A true original
17 两条腿的狗和三角形剧院 No.33 Island (33岛) Jiang Zhendong, two-legged dog and triangular theater
18 She Don't Like Me The Giant Robots That’s putting it mildly
19 Copa Sete No Samba Copa 7 Tropical sunshine tincture
20 Vuma Meshell Ndegeocello feat. Thandiswa & Joel Ross Sinuous bass
22 Locals (Girls like us) underscores, gabby start Decomposed
23 Unflappable El Flaco Cannot be flapped
24 Corrugated Chest Billiam Set all the dials to 10
26 Pelican Islands Vaporwarehouse
27 Abort Tribe Fragments of indie Boston
28 Bad Boyfriend Pansy Division A classic
29 Here Comes a Regular (Ed Stasium Mix) The Replacements Is it the same song?
31 Everybody's Gone to Sleep Sparklehorse Recently unearthed
32 Natural One The Folk Implosion For your ominous childhood
33 Turn The Engine Margaret Glaspy Motivational ingredients
34 Jockey Full Of Bourbon (2023 Remaster) Tom Waits Drinking from a broken cup
36 Moving On Explosions In The Sky Bombastic AF
37 Cell Mates The Bronx Give me the three
38 Coquet Coquette Of Montreal Such yeh yeh
39 The Love Cats The Cure In a more playful mood
41 Melody Experiment Blonde Redhead I believe it’s working
42 Burner Trees Speak Compressor dronage
43 Machina Machina Snapped Ankles Infinite patience
44 Ojo Abameta The Shaolin Afronauts Quite invincible
46 Undergrowth Squid O mighty kraken
47 Saudade Chinese Man A bass in the shadows
48 Waking Up Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band It’s dark outside
50 Golden Dub Hollie Cook Feel the shimmer
51 Knowledge of One's Ori African Music Drums Collection Entranced
52 Whirlpool Dub (Adrian Sherwood 'Reset in Dub' Version) Sonic Boom, Panda Bear and Adrian Sherwood Round and round
54 Underwater Pale Blue Eyes Coming up for air