Mixtape 198 :: Everybody’s Gone to Sleep

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Sparklehorse Sparklehorse

“New music from Sparklehorse” sounds like something from a fever dream, and it sounds like something from a fever dream.

In this episode: Andre Williams & The Sadies, Bongwater, The Breeders, Copa 7, Downtown Harvest, The Giant Robots, Hell Baby, Medicine, Meshell Ndegeocello feat. Thandiswa & Joel Ross, My Bloody Valentine, No.33 Island (33岛), The Postal Service, Snõõper, Sparklehorse, Teenage Fanclub, Woody and Jeremy

  Song Artist Notes
1 Everybody's Gone to Sleep Sparklehorse Recently unearthed
3 See the Light Teenage Fanclub Smooth sailing
4 Divine Hammer The Breeders Sparkling like new
5 The District Sleeps Alone Tonight The Postal Service The robots have developed feelings
7 Hey Hey Go Away Medicine Overwhelming density
8 You Don't Love Me Yet Bongwater Originally from Roky Erikson
9 When You Sleep My Bloody Valentine Dimensional shifts in sound
11 Stretching Snõõper It’s all together all at once
12 Denial Hell Baby Can’t accept it
13 Balboa Downtown Harvest Carnival funk
14 Weapon of Mass Destruction Andre Williams & The Sadies A true original
16 两条腿的狗和三角形剧院 No.33 Island (33岛) Jiang Zhendong, two-legged dog and triangular theater
17 She Don't Like Me The Giant Robots That’s putting it mildly
18 Copa Sete No Samba Copa 7 Tropical sunshine tincture
19 Vuma Meshell Ndegeocello feat. Thandiswa & Joel Ross Sinuous bass
21 Closed Eyes Woody and Jeremy Slowing down