Hollywood Junkyard

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

The Bobby Lees The Bobby Lees

Exploding out of upstate New York, The Bobby Lees have returned with a their third outing, titled Bellevue, and it delivers more of that biting, can’t-you-see-I’m-in-the-middle-of-an-episode post-rock blues energy. Tonight’s Mixtape closes out with Escape Mechanism’s “Being,” sampling William S. Burrough’s unmistakable reedy voice into an existential mantra.

In this episode: !!!, The’s, Aldous Harding, The Bobby Lees, Boredoms, The Bronx, The Bruces, Camera Obscura, Dan Deacon, The Diasonics, The Dream Syndicate, Elvis Costello, Escape Mechanism, Fantastic Negrito, The Flaming Lips, The Garrys, Gramme, Great Grandpa, Haircut 100, Horsegirl, Illinois, Jack White, Jaco Pastorius, Just Brothers, Kevin Morby, The Lazy Eyes, Les Sans Culottes, Lettuce, Los Amigos Invisibles, Los Bitchos, Los Miticos Del Ritmo, Mocean Worker, Orville Peck, Pierre Perpall, The Police, Say Sue Me, Spot 1019, Talking Heads, Trombone Shorty feat. New Birth Brass Band, Willie Wisely, Zoobombs

  Song Artist Notes
1 Blackbird Jaco Pastorius Full of percussive surprise
3 Hollywood Junkyard The Bobby Lees Not a sanitary place
4 Milk Bomb Spot 1019 All the barbecues burst into flames
5 To Dream (feat. Kim Oki) Say Sue Me Delicate traceries
6 Option 8 Horsegirl Hypnolovewheel goes around
8 Deviants The Diasonics Not your standard bell-curvers
9 Clown Powder The Bronx A sad fate
10 The Link Is About To Die Los Bitchos Hurry and click on it
12 You Better Have a Gun Fantastic Negrito Might come in handy
13 The Curse of the Blackened Eye Orville Peck A modern yodel
14 Sleeping With Girls Willie Wisely Refined pleasures
16 Bittersweet, TN Kevin Morby It’s a fine, fine place
17 Upbeat The Bruces Somewhat of a downer
18 All Things Must Behave / Eternal Friend Great Grandpa Exquisite harmonics
20 Leathery Whip Aldous Harding What sorcery is this
21 Big Country Illinois Slow burning
22 Tangerine The Lazy Eyes Don’t count just play
23 Sliced Tomatoes Just Brothers Sampled by Fatboy Slim
25 Surrender To The Rhythm Elvis Costello Back with a bullet
26 The Blizzard Camera Obscura Highland ballad
27 Apollinaire Les Sans Culottes French stuff from Brooklyn
28 Visions Of The Night (Live From Hammersmith, London 1979) The Police Live and obscure
30 It's Over The Garrys Sweetly old-fashioined
31 Surfing And Spying The’s Important activities both
32 Jumbo Zoobombs The largest
34 Taking Me Back Jack White Wild tones
35 Satta Massa Cumbia Los Miticos Del Ritmo Crossing traditions
36 The Lady Don't Mind Talking Heads She is completely unflustered
37 Everybody in the World Trombone Shorty feat. New Birth Brass Band A real party
39 Straight Lines The Dream Syndicate All over the map
40 Turn It On The Flaming Lips Engage the flow of power
41 Da Da Da Pierre Perpall Slight return
43 Insta-Classic Lettuce Find yourself in the groove
44 Bore Now Bore Boredoms Not bore no
45 Snake Mistakes Dan Deacon Nightmare playground
46 Fonnovo Los Amigos Invisibles Getting down and funky
48 This Is Pop 2 !!! Donkey music
49 Like You Gramme Cutting through the dance floor
50 Tres Tres Chic Mocean Worker Drinks on the balcony
51 Love Plus One (12' Version) Haircut 100 EXTENDED
53 Being Escape Mechanism Hello, Uncle Billy