Alec Eiffel

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
April March April March

Sure, we’ve all heard of the Eiffel Tower, but what do we know about the architect whose name it bears? April March breaks it all down on this version of the Pixies’ song. Also in this show, a special-delivery track from Planets in the Ocean, a new project from one of my favorite vocalists, Robb Benson.

In this episode: April March, beabadoobee, Beck, black midi, Bodega, Bonaparte, Brix Smith & Marty Willson-Piper, Cansei de Ser Sexy, !Dela Dap, Delicate Steve, The Diasonics, doubleVee, Drool Brothers, Elf Power, Fantastic Negrito, Faye, Flat Duo Jets, The Garrys, GOON, Hollie Cook, Iggy Pop, Kinky, Los Bitchos, Mayor McCa, MGMT, The Mighty Mocambos, The Misfits, Negative XP, Nick Lowe, Old Time Relijun, Osees, Planets in the Ocean, Rocket From The Crypt, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Schizophonics, The Silos, Stereolab, Suki Waterhouse, Thomas Function, Tim Bernardes, Ui, Wayne Smith, Wilco, The William Loveday Intention

  Song Artist Notes
1 Alec Eiffel April March Originally from Pixies
3 Undigested Parts Elf Power The power of longevity
4 It's Working MGMT From a fever dream
5 Tired Of Taking It Out On You Wilco Summer rain sounds
7 Playing in a Band Delicate Steve and his delicate tone
8 Cruel To Be Kind Nick Lowe It’s a very good sign
9 Teeth Faye Sharp ones
10 Wavy Maze GOON Wandering about
12 Thrown Bodega Manic sidewalks
13 Lust For Life Iggy Pop A beat to swagger with
14 Michelle Flat Duo Jets She did a number
15 Desert Girl The Schizophonics Get to know one
17 Robot Riot Stereolab An unmistakable drone
18 Lautlos (Album Version) !Dela Dap Exotic breezes
19 Too Much Bonaparte Excessive
20 Qué Onda Guero (Remix by Islands) Beck A slow motion collapse
22 When Dawn Comes Tonight doubleVee Darkest prior to that
23 Splinter Planets in the Ocean Dynamic approaches
24 Joys of You Brix Smith & Marty Willson-Piper Dim the lights
25 Fallen Woman The Garrys Hot dry winds
27 Colorado River The Silos Formerly the Grand
28 Beatopia Cultsong beabadoobee Subtle transitions
29 Slip Suki Waterhouse In a mood
31 Tidal River Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Sparkling aggression
32 Conspiracy Of Praise Thomas Function Relentless compliments
33 The McCAmpaign Song Mayor McCa feat. a kazoo solo
34 Lefty Rocket From The Crypt Just goofing around
36 The Showdown The Mighty Mocambos Quite dramatic
37 Alcohol Cansei de Ser Sexy Fun times
38 Virginia Soil Fantastic Negrito Ancestry is fascinating
39 Corn Man Kinky Gon’ down to Olathe
41 Las Panteras Los Bitchos Feline intentions
42 Hybrid Moments The Misfits Unstoppable fuzz
43 Too Late For Suicide Osees Gotta gut feeling
44 The Baptiser (Reprise) The William Loveday Intention Billy’s back
46 Gurami The Diasonics Is that cardamom?
47 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream Negative XP Hats off to Harlan
48 Cool Kind Of Drag Drool Brothers Soaking the vibes
49 Witchcraft Rebellion Old Time Relijun Cannot quell this uprising
51 Nascer, Viver, Morrer Tim Bernardes Set your piano on fire
52 Mrs. Lady Lady Ui Interesting observations
53 Happy Hour Hollie Cook Evening musics
54 Under Me Sleng Teng Wayne Smith That riddim
56 The Race Is About To Begin black midi Chaos cannot be contained