La Cumbia De La Muerte

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Los Mutagénicos Los Mutagénicos

“Did you say you wanted FIVE?” asked the turkey-leg vendor, his incredulity betraying the slightest bit of Norwegian accent. The crowds at the Trondenes Middle Ages Visitor Park thronged past as the young man counted the hands available to the pair before him, performed a simple matching algorithm to the five turkey-legs being requested, and came up with a non-computing value. “We’re hungry,” offered the machinist helpfully. The gymnast kept an eye out for Sverre the allodialist. They needed to have a few words with him about the land titles, preferably in the privacy of the sleek three-man catamaran that had discretely brought them here. The half-darkening of the sky that passed for night at these latitudes meant the usual tactics were out and they would have to convince him to come willingly.

In this episode: Allah-Las, Arling + Cameron, Barcelona, The Barrence Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra, Beck, Big Thief, Billy Preston, Bombadil (feat. Kate Rhudy), Brittany Howard, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Courtney Barnett, Das Clamps, Devo, DeVotchKa, The Fall, Field Music, ICU, Kelley Stoltz, Khruangbin, Kurt Vile, Lakou Mizik feat. Cyril Neville, Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab, Metal Molly, Metronomy, Money Mark, Mutagénicos, Omni, Optiganally Yours, Pepe Deluxe, The Police, The Regrettes, Rin-Ger, Sean Henry, Seks Bomba, Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Pierre Sabar, Solipsistics, Status Quo, Tennis, Thee Oh Sees, Tony Allen, Ugly Duckling, Ui, Ween

  Song Artist Notes
1 La Cumbia De La Muerte Mutagénicos Dancing with death
2 The Infamous Bill Khruangbin Moving along
3 Telephone Thing The Fall A voice of utmost displeasure
5 Courtesy Call Omni Answer the phone
6 Can U Sean Henry Newly sublime
7 Everyone Is You Solipsistics Introspective AF
8 The Real Thing Bombadil (feat. Kate Rhudy) Gentle sounds
10 Star Beck That becky mood
11 Get Hot, You Bum! Ui Stumbling beat
12 Salted Caramel Ice Cream Metronomy The best
13 Low Life The Police Don’t bring your wife
15 Passenger Side Kurt Vile A familiar lament
16 I Agree Thee Oh Sees Ghosty sounds
17 Sa Na Kenbe Lakou Mizik feat. Cyril Neville Transcultural
18 Yopparai (A Drunkard Who Fell From Heaven) ICU Frantic and Japanese
20 Royal Blues Allah-Las Tropicalia with attitude
21 Basso Profundo DeVotchKa Blast the sousaphone
22 I Get The Message Barcelona A subtle interlude
24 History Repeats Brittany Howard Big soul
25 Orange (Acoustic) Metal Molly Alternate realities
26 Forgotten Eyes Big Thief Fast turnaround
27 In The Morning I'll Be Better Tennis Classic!
29 I'm Clamped Das Clamps Raw and rawer
30 Dumb It Down Ugly Duckling Is it possible?
31 The Cat Seks Bomba Swingin’!
33 Woman In Blue Pepe Deluxe An epic journey
34 Popcorn 2006 Arling + Cameron Dutch masters
35 Les Joyeaux Bouchers Rin-Ger Dark cabaret
36 Sunday Roast (MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne) Courtney Barnett Dinnertime
38 Dress Up The Regrettes Very in your face
39 I See You're in Some Trouble Status Quo Still around
40 Pandy Fackler Ween Edits!
42 Bakabana Brooklyn Funk Essentials Unh
43 Muck Muck The Barrence Whitfield Soul Savage Arkestra Watch out
44 Outta-Space Billy Preston Dynomite!
46 Dedicated to Love Manfred Hubler & Siegfried Schwab Sexadelic time
47 Stay Awake Field Music I think they like Steely Dan
48 Gepetto Optiganally Yours Here inside the whale
49 Je t'aime moi non plus (Mix original acetate) Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Pierre Sabar Original vinyl mix
51 Uh Oh Kelley Stoltz A Django Django vibe
52 Nice to Me Money Mark Hitting the sweet spot
53 Big Mess Devo All tied up
55 Life Is Beautiful Tony Allen Undercurrents