Crippling Self Doubt

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Courtney Barnett Courtney Barnett

Well, that was an interesting show. Not much listener activity tonight, though that’s OK since I had my hands full with SSL certificate madness in order to finish the Secret Project that is this site itself. Perseverance at the command line won the day (and the small green lock on your browser bar), even if it was interrupted every minute or few with ongoing radio show requirements.

Side note: It is impossible to purchase or renew a certificate without at least two password resets. I’m not sure which of the thermodynamics laws governs this, but it seems to be fairly immutable.

In this episode: Add N To (X), Adrian Belew, The Anubian Lights, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Buck Meek, Café Tacvba, Courtney Barnett, The Creation Factory, Daft Punk, Damn, Delta Moon, Dirty Poodle, Drink Me, The Essex Green, Father John Misty, Femi Kuti, Forth Wanderers, Gary Young, The Gun Club, Here Lies Man, Holiday Ghosts, Juana Molina, Khruangbin, La Luz, Low Cut Connie, Madness, Mazzy Star, Mikaela Davis, The Moms, The Monolith, The Moonlandingz, Ondatrópica, Quasi, The Record Company, Rock*a*Teens, The Rubens, Shy Boys, Sir Millard Mulch, Snail Mail, Spider Bags, The Squirrels, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Thievery Corporation, This Is The Kit, This Revolution, Twink, Ween, Wild Pink, Yung Heazy

  Song Artist Notes
1 Crippling Self Doubt And A General Lack Of Self Confidence Courtney Barnett Whence the album title
2 Black Hanz The Moonlandingz Rolling through space
3 Stink Stinky Ashtray Damn Ren + Stimpy spice anything up
4 Oh Suzanne Low Cut Connie What is it about Sues?
6 Stay Up All Night Drink Me Best Fanta bottle player
7 Basement Shy Boys Quite intimate
8 Africa Will Be Great Again Femi Kuti Irresistible the afrobeat
9 Roll Bones The Record Company Perfect for some modern Western
11 Cop Dream / Black Eye (True Story) Spider Bags Too short!
12 Delivery Mikaela Davis Breezy feeling
13 Cosoco Juana Molina Seven seven seven
14 One More Ear Black Moth Super Rainbow Bookend
16 Lake Erie Wild Pink Good American music
17 La Force De Mélodie (feat. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani) Thievery Corporation Classic ThiefCo
18 Barry 7's Contraption Add N To (X) Welcome to the Broken Circus!
19 The Breaking Hands The Gun Club Almost the Cocteau Twins
21 Girl, I'll Take U Anywhere Yung Heazy Got that brown feel
22 By My Demon Eye This Is The Kit Chanting spiral
23 Return Of The Los Palmas 7 Madness Your table is ready!
24 Smoke and Mirrors The Anubian Lights Easybeat gibberish
26 Without You The Creation Factory Psychedelic time warp
27 Vincent Van Gogh The Squirrels The baddest painter since Jan Vermeer
28 Rock And Roll Girl Delta Moon Distinctively Southern
29 Bye Bye Crow The Essex Green In a country mood
31 Level 5 Executive Sir Millard Mulch Arnault the Dwarf!
32 Baby's On To Me Rock*a*Teens Slow and pained
33 You Ain't Going Nowhere Here Lies Man Somewhat threatening, eh?
34 Shades Of Man Khruangbin Groovin' on a Cambodian afternoon
36 Commotion Ondatrópica Tropical trouble
37 Company Forth Wanderers Sweetly pixied
38 Off The Hook The Moms Nice pop power punch
39 Futuro Café Tacvba Ominous tones
41 Cry, Cry Mazzy Star A-maze-ing
42 The Palace Father John Misty Quite pensive
43 Our Happiness is Guaranteed Quasi Every day it comes closer
44 God Forgot The Rubens Moving right along
46 Whoop-De-Doodle Twink Happy fun murder music
47 Plant Man Gary Young Friends with Syd's Vegetable Man
48 Intro Snail Mail All too brief
49 Big Electric Cat Adrian Belew What's that noise?
51 Cast Off Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks Piano tinkling
52 Best Friend Buck Meek Wailing and plaintive
53 My Little Van Dirty Poodle Unsung geniuses
54 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Daft Punk Can't resist
56 43 The Monolith Short name, big song
57 At The Same Time, Every Night Holiday Ghosts Backporch sloppy
58 Floating Features La Luz Epic and thematic
59 Cold and Wet Ween Rough stuff
61 Wee Ma Moo This Revolution Rare beast