Sweet Librarian

WFIT Melbourne, 10pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Railroad Jerk Railroad Jerk

It’s a steamy Florida night, and it marks the debut of Julius C. Lacking on the airwaves of WFIT, a university radio station in Melbourne, Florida. The random nature of the playlist is born of a catastrophic home furnishing disaster that hopelessly jumbled the contents of the vaunted Lacking Selection, the music library which Julius has been aggregating for the last twenty years. The process of its re-cataloging and collation, which promises to last decades, will henceforth be known as The Lacking Organization. Let it begin.

In this episode: 1990s, A Big Yes + A Small No, Andrea Perry, The Anubian Lights, The Awkward Stage, Black Francis, Blue Skies for Black Hearts, Boss Hogg, The Dansettes, David Garza, Downtown Harvest, Elis Regina, Erin McKeown, The Flamenco A Go Go, G Love + Special Sauce, Global Goon, Golden Shoulders, Head of Femur, The Hush Sound, James Taylor Quartet, Kinky, LD + the New Criticism, Madness, Monsieur LeRoc, Moore Brothers, Niños Con Bombas, OK GO, Railroad Jerk, Robb Benson, Stereo Total, Three Mile Pilot, Titan, Trespassers W, Westbound Train

  Song Artist Notes
1 Sweet Librarian Railroad Jerk Starting it all…
2 Relax Baby Be Cool Stereo Total Originally by Serge Gainsbourg
3 1234 Titan Pronounced "TEE-tan", from Mexico
4 Oh My The Dansettes On HammondBeat
6 If I Think Of Love LD + the New Criticism One of my favorite Lisa Germano songs
7 Fatty Boom Boom Westbound Train Rocksteady from Boston
8 Bye Bye Baby G Love + Special Sauce
9 Too Much David Garza Original demo version… still my favorite
11 Great Plains Head of Femur Did I say "Focht" on the air?
12 Chick-A-Boom Trespassers W German minimalist — this track reminds me of a country Trio
13 The New Breed Golden Shoulders This album was originally released in 2004, track it dow, it’s excellent.
14 Medicine Man The Hush Sound Dum-dum-dum, dig that menacing bass
16 The Cat James Taylor Quartet Nothing to do with Carly Simon’s James Taylor
17 Scott Cronce is our CEO Global Goon Relentless and hypnotic
18 Lay Back Kinky From Mexico
19 This Little Time Andrea Perry Sweet and happ
21 The Year of No Light Three Mile Pilot Featuring members of Pinback and Black Heart Procession
22 Postcard Niños Con Bombas Pan-global mix of ska, punk and more. Not like other mixes of ska, punk and more.
23 You Made Me Like It 1990s Glaswegian snottiness… I lurvs it
24 Make Me STiNKED The Flamenco A Go Go Dig the album artwork… must post a link here some day
26 The Puppet Moore Brothers
27 California Stutter Robb Benson Nothing to do with the ’70s heartthrob
28 T-Rexia Nervosa The Awkward Stage Does it sound like T-Rex to you?
29 This Will Be Our Year OK GO Originally from a 2004 moveon.org compilation… highly ironic in retrospective
31 Paper Moon Erin McKeown Best cover of "Paper Moon" by a Canadian EVER
32 The Israelites Madness One of the first (if not THE first) ska hits in the US
33 I’m Always Manic When I’m Around You A Big Yes + A Small No Winner of "Longest Band Name" and "Longest Song Title" for this show
34 Bala Com Bala Elis Regina Classic bossanova
36 Sinner Downtown Harvest From Philladelphia… lots of Philly bands on this show for some reason
37 Duchess Boss Hogg For Underdog, featuring Jon Spencer and Christina Martinez
38 Sir Rockabye Black Francis Delightful gem on John from TMBG’s "Hello Recording Club"
40 The More You Say You Know Blue Skies for Black Hearts Runner up, "Longest Band Name"
41 Hot Carl Monsieur LeRoc Goes out to Phillip and my Production Mastermind, Dr. Zoltan
43 Bhajan The Anubian Lights Good way to end the evening