Mixtape 174 :: You and Me

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Goodbye Honolulu Goodbye Honolulu

When you are bored with every sound you hear, the Universe will send you an entire collection of songs to make you break out in an involuntary smile, like Goodbye Honolulu’s latest.

In this episode: Bad Bad Hats, Ben Vaughn, Boat, Boredoms, Concrete Blonde, Coyle & Sharpe, The Cure, Darrin Bradbury, The Fleshtones, Goodbye Honolulu, Grandaddy, Guided By Voices, Jaga Jazzist, James, Lindsey Buckingham, Magnifico, Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Moderator, Money Mark, My Morning Jacket, Nortec Collective, Pokey Lafarge, The Promise Ring, Ratatat, The Rentals, Sam Roberts, Taraka, TLO, TLO, Tracker, The Undertones, Yohimbe Brothers

  Song Artist Notes
1 You and Me Goodbye Honolulu That makes two
2 Happiness Is All The Rage The Promise Ring Get your feelings synchronized
3 Get It 'Fore It’s Gone Pokey Lafarge But no cutting in line
4 Getting By The Rentals When you need BIG SYNTHS
6 Somerset Morning The Fleshtones No particular place to go
7 Close To Me The Cure It’s crowded in here
8 Denver Omelette TLO
9 Watch What Happens Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy My, what big teeth you have
10 ZERO James In true form
12 Blue Light Lindsey Buckingham Very quite Buckingham
13 I'm On Standby Grandaddy Powered down for redesign
14 Lookin' For A 7-11 Ben Vaughn Good luck in Colorado
16 Guilty as Charged Moderator Some strange mixture
17 Printer-Painter Coyle & Sharpe It's all confused
18 B for Boredoms Boredoms Spelling it out
19 The Bar Is Too Low To Fail Boat A convenient situation
21 Gloria Love Bad Bad Hats Sunny day strolling
22 Field Notes from a College Town Darrin Bradbury No lies detected
23 100 Games Of Solitaire Concrete Blonde How to kill time
25 I Share a Rhythm Guided By Voices Quite congenial
26 Them Kids Sam Roberts Getting younger every day
27 Lucky To Be Alive My Morning Jacket In a jolly mood
28 Teenage Kicks The Undertones Original pop punk
30 0010110 Taraka Learn your binary
31 Ponk Yohimbe Brothers Wild gyrations
32 Vitamins TLO
33 Party with Children Ratatat It’s high intensity
35 In ko enkrat bom umrl Magnifico Out of Slovenia
36 Remy's Night Money Mark With rainbow space sprinkles
37 Nova (Pt. 1) Tracker Very scratchy
38 Tijuana Sound Machine Nortec Collective Chopped up
40 Spiral Era (Prins Thomas Remix) Jaga Jazzist Around and around