Mixtape 169 :: TV Dinner

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Mommyheads Mommyheads

For quite some time, Mommyheads have delivered the sort of complex pop and lyrical insight that fills in the cracks and gaps in your musical thinking with new ideas and sounds.

In this episode: All Them Witches, Asian Dub Foundation, The Bamboos, black midi, Bongwater, Boom Pam, The Bug, The Catenary Wires, El Michels Affair, Enon, The Fiery Furnaces, Film School, Grandaddy, King Gizzard + the Lizard Wizard, Knoxville Girls, Margot & The Nuclear So And So's, Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Minikon, The Mommyheads, Music Is The Weapon, Naked Giants, Once And Future Band, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Red Baraat, Six Finger Satellite, Southern Culture On The Skids, Squarepusher, TLO, TLO, Wavves, Ween, Woody and Jeremy

  Song Artist Notes
1 TV Dinner The Mommyheads Almost ready to eat
2 Paper Kitten Nightmare Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Meow meow
3 Pull The Curtains Grandaddy Go get ‘em, Todd
4 Always On My Mind The Catenary Wires Feeling mighty Kinky
6 Take A Chance Naked Giants Nothing to do with ABBA
7 30 Lashes Six Finger Satellite Driving fast with no headlights
8 Denver Omelette TLO
9 Bruce Lee All Them Witches A legend
11 Plastic Boogie King Gizzard + the Lizard Wizard An odd little boogie
12 Asthma Attack The Fiery Furnaces Feelin’ woozy
13 Virginia Ave Knoxville Girls Spooky vibes
14 Hollywood Rabbits Minikon Chipper time
16 You Don't Love Me Yet Bongwater Originally from Roky Erickson
17 8 Piece Box Southern Culture On The Skids Goin’ all nite
18 He's Cass McCombs Woody and Jeremy An imposing figure
19 Learnin' To Love Ween Important lessons
21 Can't Pay Won't Pay Asian Dub Foundation Do not be presumptuous
22 Rosasolis Penguin Cafe Orchestra Harmonic cascades
23 Bhangale Red Baraat Featuring Delicate Steve
24 The Gauntlet Music Is The Weapon Try to keep up
26 Thru Hell Wavves Heavy surf
27 High Society Enon Quite snooty
28 Daylight Matters black midi Originally from Cate Le Bon
30 There Must Be a Someone Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Old-fashioned
31 Game Show TLO
32 Freaks Once And Future Band Supertrampy
33 Surfing Tuba Boom Pam Totally tubalar
35 Upwey Funk The Bamboos We have located the groove
36 Unathi (feat. Piya Malik) El Michels Affair What spice is this?
37 The Swifty Squarepusher The old future
38 Black Version The Bug It’s hard to tell how far down the catacombs go
40 The More I Know Film School Truly encyclopedic