Mixtape 117 :: All Or Nothing

Shopping Shopping

There is no shortage of consuming urgency to the sound of this UK trio called simply Shopping.

In this episode: 2nd Grade, Ben Vaughn Combo, Black Lips, Cable Ties, Cage The Elephant, Car Seat Headrest, Cornershop, DJ Dolores vs. Taraf de Haïdouks, Francis Bebey, Home, House of Freaks, Low Frequency In Stereo, Messer Chups, Miss Li, The Muffs, Natalia Clavier, Omni, Os Cariocas, Positive K, The Puppini Sisters, Ramsey 2C-3D, The Rezillos, Sacred Paws, Seks Bomba, Shannon Wright, Shopping, the Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers, Sparks, Towa Tei, Tribe

  Song Artist Notes
1 All or Nothing Shopping The clock is ticking
2 Slingshot Cornershop Hello, meandering flute
3 Hollywood Car Seat Headrest The end of it all
5 Angola Rodeo Black Lips Burnout of a starter
6 A Lovely Day Boo Hoo The Muffs The classic format
7 Flat Earth Omni Very edgy
9 Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano The Puppini Sisters Swing is swinging back
10 Astro Kopp Low Frequency In Stereo Ominous... and Norwegian.
11 So Danço Samba Os Cariocas Chopped and channeled bossa
12 Son of Bambi Towa Tei Strut your stuff, Towa
14 I Can't Stand My Baby The Rezillos Love at first hate
15 Big Foot Messer Chups Stomping around
16 Sandcastles Cable Ties Nervous energy
17 Portrait Home Subtle washes
19 Twilight Hall Shannon Wright Straight outta Jax
20 Here At The Home Tribe That Boston scene
21 Brush Your Hair Sacred Paws Like Winterbrief!
22 The Coffee Cola Song Francis Bebey Drink of choice
24 W-2 2nd Grade Tax time!
25 Lawnmower Sparks Suburban turban
26 Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Ben Vaughn Combo Someone has needs
27 This Is It House of Freaks The sound of motivation
29 Sicilian Civilian Seks Bomba Don’t mess with them.
30 I Got A Man Positive K She likes how you kick it.
31 Leave My Man Alone Miss Li I think you better do as she says
32 Around my Head Cage The Elephant Soaring like a flying pachyderm
34 Ne-ne Ami-chan the Sisterhood of Convoluted Thinkers Squeeeeeeee
35 Dumbala Dumba DJ Dolores vs. Taraf de Haïdouks Echoes of samba
36 Dormida Natalia Clavier Argentinian siren
38 Fly Guy and The Unemployed Ramsey 2C-3D Flashing lights