Mixtape 98 :: Pickin’ The Chicken

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
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Is it noise, or is it Memorex? The Boredomes don’t seem to care much, as long as they get to make their fine, fine racket.

In this episode: The Beat Farmers, Boredoms, The Chameleons UK, Enon, The Hoosegow, Janis Joplin, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Kinks, Laibach, Lucas, Michael Holland, The Nicoteens, Oranger, The Police, Speedy West + Jimmy Bryant, Split Enz

  Song Artist Notes
1 Pickin' The Chicken Speedy West + Jimmy Bryant You don’t hear much pickin’ like that these days
2 Are You Waiting For Me? The Hoosegow Queen Esther rules the kingdom
3 High Society Enon Did you feel that?
4 Swamp Thing The Chameleons UK Gothic!
6 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy The Kinks Not online! Horrible
7 Lay Down Your Head, Child Oranger One of my favorite albums of 2000
8 Very Rare The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion I could loop it all night long
10 Lucas With The Lid Off Lucas Not French -- Danish!
11 You're Gonna Save Me The Nicoteens Greetings to the Reinels and Burleys
12 Reason To Believe The Beat Farmers Hey, it starts just like “La Grange”
13 B for Boredoms Boredoms Is there anything they can’t do?
15 Move Over Janis Joplin The voice that broke the mold
16 Fever For You Michael Holland Vocalist for Jennyanykind
17 Secret Journey The Police From Ghost In The Machine
18 I Got You Split Enz First video I ever saw
20 Final Countdown Laibach Relentless and Teutonic