Mixtape 111 :: Carnaval

Cheo Cheo

It took Cheo a couple of years to get back into his usual Latin-flavored slinky tinkles after leaving his previous band, but we’re all glad to hear he’s returned.

In this episode: Atomic 7, The Avalanches, Best Coast, Black Lips, The Blue Rags, Cheo, Courtney Barnett, Feist, Great Grandpa, Greg Dulli, Ida Maria, Isobel Campbell, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Low Frequency In Stereo, Mad Professor, Gaudi, Macka B, Maserati, The Maytals, Mojo Nixon, Monsieur LeRoc, Moon Duo, The New Mastersounds, Queen, Rube Waddell, Shopping, Speedy West + Jimmy Bryant, Tennis, The Wood Brothers, Young Magic

  Song Artist Notes
1 Carnaval Cheo Tropical feels
2 Oh My God Ida Maria Very very urgent
3 Greyhound The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Accelerando
4 Hooker Jon Black Lips Hootin’ and whoopin’
6 Blue Bonnet Rag Speedy West + Jimmy Bryant Now that’s metal.
7 Broadway Jungle The Maytals Let’s get back to roots
8 Westward Rider Rube Waddell Hobo noise
10 Master Of My Own Mind Best Coast Straight ahead
11 My Moon My Man Feist Steady beat
12 Bye Bye The Blue Rags Shuffle through
14 Welcome to Nola (Feat. Papa Mali) The New Mastersounds What's it like in New Orleans?
15 Electricity (Dr. Rockits Dirty Kiss) The Avalanches Hey, is there a new one?
16 Sanctuary Young Magic Makes me melt
18 Human Condition Great Grandpa Highly dynamic
19 Dawned On Me Courtney Barnett Originally by Wilco
20 The Story of One Chord Mojo Nixon All the music history you need
21 Dub on Camera Mad Professor, Gaudi, Macka B Silently nods
23 Limousine Low Frequency In Stereo Long and stretched out
24 Hawaii Bikini Inspector (Featuring Laszlo Loco) Monsieur LeRoc Where do I apply?
25 Escape Moon Duo Nothing but drone
27 Just for Today Isobel Campbell In the moment
28 Echoes Tennis Back and forth
29 Alabaster The Wood Brothers A slow drawl
30 Somebody To Love Queen Heavenly chorus
32 Initiative Shopping Meet the new gang
33 Sexyactioncool Atomic 7 Tooshortbutwayfun
34 A Ghost Greg Dulli Grim understatement
36 Martin Rev Maserati It’s Suicide, I tell you