Euro Trash Girl

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Chicks On Speed Chicks On Speed

When you set out to record a song that’s been famous, or popular, or claimed in some other way by some other artist, you are taking a shortcut with great risks and great rewards. Rarely can you pull it off the way Chicks On Speed do with their rendition of Cracker’s “Euro Trash Girl,” with a radical approach to deconstructing and reassembling the indie country hit. You’ll just have to hear for yourself.

In this episode: Art Phag, The Avalanches, Bad Brains, Bendigo Fletcher, The Black Crowes, Blu DeTiger, Chicano Batman, Chicks on Speed, Cindy Lee, Cloud Nothings, Club Makumba, Drool Brothers, Dumb Heavy, Ekko Astral, Eyelids, Fergus & Geronimo, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Half Japanese, The High Llamas, Holiday Ghosts, Jakobs Castle, The Jazz Butcher, Jega, Jimmy Dale McFadden, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Julian Lage, Khruangbin, Leyla McCalla, Looper, Maserati, Meatbodies, The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis, Mustard Service, Of Montreal, Real Estate, Scarves, Shaimus, Stump, The Third Mind, Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love, Waxahatchee, Wolfmother

  Song Artist Notes
1 Euro Trash Girl Chicks on Speed Originally from Cracker
3 Daggers of Light Cloud Nothings Having the photon stabs
4 Very Rare The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Maybe too rare
5 Doom Boom Frankie and the Witch Fingers Preparations are underway
6 Sticks and Stones Ekko Astral Bring me the hammer
8 Sublime Disconnect Holiday Ghosts Giving us the frantics
9 The Basement The Jazz Butcher There’s goings on
10 This Girl Jimmy Dale McFadden Ultimate pop experience
11 Sing You a Love You Song Of Montreal Old fashioned enough
13 Three From Two Khruangbin In the flicker of torchlight
14 Haunted World Real Estate Gentle shadows
15 Right Back to It Waxahatchee Roll the banjo slowly
16 The Treehouse Looper Oh yeah, pumped up
18 Perfect Half Japanese Acing it
19 King Poejo Club Makumba Early dub heavy
20 Woman Wolfmother Ode to Guitar Hero I
21 All Of This Shaimus How do they do it
23 The Dominoes Mustard Service Put them on the table
24 Baby Don't You Cry Fergus & Geronimo They are quite insistent
25 Buffalo Stump Does the fish have chips?
26 Sweet Tooth Bendigo Fletcher Get that sugar
28 Hey Panda The High Llamas And their awkward stance
29 Dangerous Game Blu DeTiger Quite saucy
30 Flight Tonight The Avalanches Get on that plane
31 Touch Funk Dumb Heavy Making it happen
33 Anything Could Happen Eyelids The formula works every time
34 Flesh Wound The Black Crowes Keeping up the beat
35 My Machine Jakobs Castle Throbbing sidechains
36 Hairy Women Turner Cody & The Soldiers of Love A heartfelt plea
38 Tree Leyla McCalla Batucada ending
39 Era Primavera Chicano Batman Lounging by the pool
40 Margaritaville Pt II Scarves Tiny plucking
42 They Came Down Meatbodies It’s not skipping, you’re skipping
43 4 Basic Vejebo Groups Art Phag Nutrition is important
44 Railroad Tracks Home The Messthetics & James Brandon Lewis Straight and parallel
46 Kasio Montigo Drool Brothers Too much and not enough
47 I and I Survive (Dubmatix Remix) Bad Brains Space dub!
48 Bye M'Friend, Goodbye Maserati The neverending discoball
50 Diamond Jubilee Cindy Lee Sprawling out
51 76 Julian Lage At a rigorous clip
52 Red Mullet Jega Uneasy jazz
54 Tall Grass The Third Mind Revisiting the savannah