Love Your Money

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 12am

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Daisy Chainsaw Daisy Chainsaw

It’s time for another Fun Drive, and what better way to represent tonight’s manic energy than Daisy Chainsaw and their epic “Love Your Money”? Also tonight, we have received a matching grant of one hundred dollars of America, via Telex: THIS IS THE HRVST TROGGOLD TO TELEX THE PLEDGE COMMITMENT THE ONE HUNDRED COMMA DOLLARS STOP OF MATCHING AMPLITUDE OTHER PLEDGES OF DONATION COMMA MATCH EXCLAMATION STOP HAVING REPORTING OF ARTICLE COMMA THE TURKISH ALMOND FARMING COMMA COMMA COMMA BEST THE LUCK STOP COMMA

In this episode: Adrian Belew, Angel Olsen, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Bodega, The Brunettes, Cajun Gems, Cass McCombs, Daisy Chainsaw, Dan Hicks, Deerhoof, Delicate Steve, Elf Power, Flat Duo Jets, The Glands, Gogol Bordello, Jennyanykind, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Kim & Buran, Kramer, Lettuce, Lilys, Looper, Los Bitchos, Mamalarky, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, The Mountain Goats, Oranger, Otoboke Beaver, Panda Bear & Sonic Boom, The Paranoyds, Portland Cello Project, Shantel, Shen, Sleepyhead, Spinal Tap, Steve Lacy, Steward, They Might Be Giants, Viagra Boys, Yard Act, Yumi Zouma

  Song Artist Notes
1 Love Your Money Daisy Chainsaw So very extra
2 Payday Yard Act Sounds like an exciting time
4 Dimes Make Dollars Lilys Invest now!
5 Payday Blues Dan Hicks Where is my happiness?
7 Gimme Some Money Spinal Tap A must-play for every fun drive
8 Blue Cash Deerhoof Abstract registers
10 Money for Dope They Might Be Giants Somewhat unexpected
11 Money Hair Looper Cut and donate it, I suppose?
13 Now That Your Dollars Have Sprouted Wings Portland Cello Project Originally by Beck
14 Dirty Money Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra The dirtiest
16 Money Rock N Roll Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Mix them at your own peril
17 Two Dollar Wine The Glands An unexpected treat
19 Blueprint Gogol Bordello Originally from Fugazi
21 A Car I Can Talk To Adrian Belew Got the skiffles
22 Bad Habit Steve Lacy Lush feelings
23 Big Time Angel Olsen Staggering to greatness
24 In the Eyes of Our Love Yumi Zouma
26 You Know I Know Mamalarky The pulse is strong
27 Mars Loves Venus The Brunettes If you want the jangle
28 Molly-Joe Sleepyhead Slow burning
29 Japanese Banjo Cajun Gems Off-kilter waltzing
31 Artificial Countrysides Elf Power Delicate laces
32 TV Mama Flat Duo Jets For the watching TV
33 Gorilla in a Rucksack Oranger Too big for the bag
34 Backpedal Steward Clever noise blastings
36 Doers Bodega Moving, shaking
37 BWP The Paranoyds High-altitude observations
38 Pista (Fresh Start) Los Bitchos Walk ahead of the camel
39 Troglodyte Viagra Boys They are everywhere
40 Afflicted Jennyanykind Subtle fade-out
42 PARDON? (パードン?) Otoboke Beaver I don’t know what you mean
43 Edge of the Edge Panda Bear & Sonic Boom Moving through the changes
44 Dramatic MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS Travel back in time
45 Unproud Warrior Cass McCombs Uses for angry ballads
47 Artificial Delicate Steve Grooving to the late hours
48 Bucovina Shantel That is all
49 Hawk's Claw Lettuce Bringing the beat
51 Geshem Shen Quite very noir
52 Phazerdelique Kim & Buran Join the Soviet space program!
53 Nothing Is Ever Lost Kramer The atmosphere is breathable
55 Bleed Out The Mountain Goats It’s the end of ends