Mixtape 131 :: Chocolate Samurai

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Fantastic Negrito Fantastic Negrito

Listening to Fantastic Negrito is like lifting the lid on a simmering pot to a wonderfully exotic yet very familiar blend of spices.

In this episode: Bananagun, Beady Eye, Big Sandy, Big Sugar, Billy Martin, The Blue Hawaiians, The Cambodian Space Project, Cheo, Euphone, Fantastic Negrito, The Fearless Flyers, Flat Old World, The Greyboy Allstars, Jane Jane Pollock, Janis Joplin, John Scofield, King Missile, The KLF, The M's, Messer Chups, The Minus 5, Pavement, Primus, The Shivas, Tosca, Ween, Whitey, Youth + Hollie Cook

  Song Artist Notes
1 Chocolate Samurai Fantastic Negrito Time for higher ground
2 Assassin The Fearless Flyers Killing it
3 The Skipper The Greyboy Allstars Grooving with the little buddy
4 Children of Popcorn Messer Chups Surf St. Petersburg
6 Soul Love Beady Eye Sounds quite British
7 Kissed In The Face The Shivas Surf action from PDX
8 Moulder's IDM Song for Scully Jane Jane Pollock Very minimal
10 Trasnocho Entre Semana Cheo Up all night
11 People Talk Too Much Bananagun Afrobeat time
12 Broken Hearted Wo-Man The Cambodian Space Project To the heart of the sun
14 Sgt. Baker Primus Welcome to Primus’ army
15 High School The Minus 5 The next best thing to some YFF
16 3 A.m. Eternal (Original Album Version) The KLF Original British loonies
17 Hey Jesus King Missile Everybody wants to know
19 Goodbye Crocodile (Demo) Whitey Sounds complete to me
20 Yama Yama Pretty Mama Big Sandy Is it Hawaiian?
21 Angel's Voice Flat Old World Truly an angel's voice
23 In Doubly Billy Martin Clearly a Spinal Tap reference
24 Jockey Full Of Bourbon The Blue Hawaiians Originally by Tom Waits
25 Let Me Roll It Big Sugar Gives you Wings
27 Mercedes Benz Janis Joplin For that girl suing her parents
28 Plan of the Man The M's Nigh ungoogleable!
29 Westie Can Drum Pavement Obscurists rejoice!
31 Mango Woman Ween Woy-yoy, woah-yeh
32 Breaking Shells Youth + Hollie Cook Throwback flashforward
33 Nick is Ryan Euphone In two acts
34 Fuck Dub / Haaksman Version Tosca Suggestive
36 Snake Dance John Scofield Afrobeat to hell