Mixtape :: Some Like It Hot

KAFM Grand Junction, 9pm - 10pm

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Photo by jcob nasyr via Unsplash Photo by jcob nasyr via Unsplash

This is SOME LIKE IT HOT, a Mixtape of music about all things that are Not Cold, an hour of songs about heat and warm places, and bands that celebrate this elusive phenomenon. Although sometimes it resorts to extremes, it is hoped that this sonic concoction delivers some measure of imaginary heat to the listener.

In this episode: Atomic 7, The Breeders, Calvin Davidson, Chrome, The Flaming Lips, Golden Shoulders, Hot Hot Heat, Howe Gelb, James Kochalka, Kudu, Le Tigre, Monsieur LeRoc, Polysics, The Raging Teens, The Soft Boys, Southern Culture On The Skids, Warm Wires

  Song Artist Notes
1 I Will Light You On Fire Golden Shoulders Buried treasure
2 Hot N' Bothered Calvin Davidson 100% Bakersfield
3 Here Come The Warm Jets Chrome Almost kazoo-like
4 Unconsciously Screamin' The Flaming Lips From the loud years
6 I'm On Fire The Raging Teens Ragin’ and fumin’
7 Angel Came Down Warm Wires Split my head like a coconut
8 More For Show Hot Hot Heat Like the Cure when the Cure weren’t around
9 Happiness Is A Warm Gun The Breeders A laconic take on the matter
11 Funeral Hotpants Atomic 7 Everyone needs a pair
12 50 Hot Lester James Kochalka The mystery explained
13 Hot Topic Le Tigre Does it make you shimmy
14 The Hot Carl Monsieur LeRoc Watch me now!
16 Warm Storm Howe Gelb I’m making noises
17 Hot Stuff Polysics Manic extreme
18 Have A Heart, Betty (I'm Not Fireproof) The Soft Boys Unsteady lads
19 Fight Fire Southern Culture On The Skids Originally by the Golliwogs
21 Hot Lava Kudu Watch your step