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Buck Meek Buck Meek

The guitarist for Big Thief has a solo outing, and it’s truly stellar. “Maybe” is a nice groove to kick things off.

In this episode: Apollo Sunshine, Arlo, Bill Laswell, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Buck Meek, Charlie Chesterman, Cicada Rhythm, Cicada Rhythm, The Cleveland Steamers, Cut Worms, The Decemberists, Dr. Octagon, Drool Brothers, The Drums, Eels, The Essex Green, Fake Shark, Gogol Bordello, Gorillaz, Grand Marquis, Green Goblyn Project, Grimskunk, Hawk, Hazelrigg Brothers, I Am The World Trade Center, Jason Falkner, Jenny Toomey, Khruangbin, King Tuff, Kudu, La Luz, The Limiñanas, The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, New Birth Brass Band, Post Animal, Postdata, Ra Ra Riot, Rock*a*Teens, Ruler, Secret Colours, Sonny Smith, The Vulgar Boatmen

  Song Artist Notes
1 Maybe Buck Meek Down the tunnel of pop
2 Cómo Me Quieres Khruangbin Surf Southeast Asia
3 Let's Go Surfing The Drums Whistle away
5 Shut Up! The Cleveland Steamers Rough night tonight
6 Bad Thirds Green Goblyn Project Rocket fuel outta Florida
7 I Lied Hawk Untruthfully
8 Smoke That Fire New Birth Brass Band Burn it up all night
10 King Kong (Attack of the Egomaniac) Kudu Everybody knows one
11 Metro (Brooklyn Mix) I Am The World Trade Center Beep delays
12 Dream Dream Secret Colours Laid back rolling
13 We've Got It Made Ruler Like a fresh James Taylor
15 Start Wearing Purple Gogol Bordello Do not put it off
16 3030 Meets The Doc Pt.1 Dr. Octagon No wasting time
17 The Egg Apollo Sunshine Monolithic and variegated
18 Water Ra Ra Riot Vampire Weekend roots are showing
20 Listen, Sonny Boy Rock*a*Teens Also, remove yourself from my lawn
21 Une Ballade Pour Clive The Limiñanas Clive from Arista?
22 Ona Stacka Bibles Charlie Chesterman Enjoy every last bit
24 We All Die Young The Decemberists Somewhat like the Black Lips
25 Just Because It's Dying Jenny Toomey A song by Franklin Bruno
26 19-2000 Gorillaz Bouncy bounce
27 Sick Bastards Grimskunk Change it up for the chorus
29 Rod for Your Love Sonny Smith Bongofever
30 Cicada La Luz Urgently
31 Drive Somewhere The Vulgar Boatmen Summer for your car stereo
33 Tire Eyes Post Animal SUPERTRAMP LIVES!
34 Bare Minimum Cicada Rhythm For those giving us the bare minimum
35 Roses By My Side Cicada Rhythm Doubleshot
36 SubPar Chromosone Drool Brothers They’re laughing at you, man
38 Too Sick To Tango Arlo Produced by Ben Vaughn!
39 The 710 The Essex Green A shining example of new old stock
40 Miracle Medicine Jason Falkner Wandering through the chord forest
42 Evil Postdata A happy kind of evil
43 Bone Dry Eels Happy as an Eel
44 What Is And What Should Never Be Hazelrigg Brothers Marginally smoother
46 Think I Might Be In Love Cut Worms Old tyme sounds
47 Ultraviolet King Tuff Tougher than Tuff
48 Night Shift Grand Marquis More NOLA
50 New Breeze Black Moth Super Rainbow Your lifetape is jammed
51 Unison Featuring Lisa Gerrard The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices Otherwordly
52 Friends Fake Shark Oooo, like Howard Jones
54 The Seven Souls Bill Laswell featuring Uncle Billy Burroughs