Mixtape 208 :: I Just Died

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking

What FIZZ does is bombastic, is unexpected, and is just a lot of fun.

In this episode: beabadoobee & Laufey, Blur, Boogie Balagan, Cheekface, The Clash, Fastball, Fizz, Lush, The Make-Up, Margo Price, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Stevie Wonder, The Struts, Tim Tim, What!

  Song Artist Notes
1 I Just Died Fizz Off kilter and loving it
3 Hot! Heat! Wow! Hot! Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Staggering in threes
4 Substance Abuse The Make-Up Getting on the right track
5 Too Good at Raising Hell The Struts The power pop is strong
7 Real Good Problem to Have Fastball It’s got that Oranger twist
8 For Love Lush Phased to perfection
9 Malibu (feat. Jonathan Wilson & Buck Meek) Margo Price Very sultry
11 The Rabbi Blur Excited boredom
12 Rock the Casbah (Remastered) The Clash Sharif don’t like it
13 You Always Want to Bomb the Middle East Cheekface I suppose it happens
14 Lamentation Walloo Boogie Balagan Crossing borders
16 A Night To Remember beabadoobee & Laufey Not the Bossa me
17 Rum & Coca Cola (Shake It Up Well) (Radio Mix) Tim Tim Morey Amsterdam is still a jerk
18 The Ent's What! It must be about giant talking trees
20 Superstition Stevie Wonder Originally written for Jeff Beck