Mixtape 178 :: All I Do

Bully Bully

I haven’t decided if Bully is a great name or a terrible name, but it certainly fits their melodic bludgeoning.

In this episode: 100 gecs, Amazing Crowns, Arling + Cameron, Ben Kweller, Bully, Caroline Polachek, Daddy Long Legs, Death Valley Girls, Grateful Cat, The Hidden Cameras, Indopan, The Mooney Suzuki, The Police, The Revox, Sprints, Stuck, Thomas Function

  Song Artist Notes
1 All I Do Bully Back to raging
3 Baby What You Want Me to Do The Revox Ready the extreme time warp garage ray
4 Make My Way The Mooney Suzuki Still burning white hot 20 years later
5 Harmonica Razor Daddy Long Legs Not kidding around
6 Relentless Machines Thomas Function An appropriate capstone
8 How It Should Be (Sha Sha) Ben Kweller An original bedroom symphony
9 I Love The Birds Grateful Cat Feeling paradoxical
10 Ban Marriage The Hidden Cameras That manic feeling
12 Crude Drawing Of An Angel Caroline Polachek It’s a mood
13 Islands in the Sky Death Valley Girls Reverberated sirens
14 I’m In A Band Sprints Whos in a band
15 Time Out Stuck Disturbing polarities
17 Frog On The Floor 100 gecs Sounds like fun
18 Do the Dog Amazing Crowns Originally from The Specials
19 Cowboy Ska Arling + Cameron Heee-yaw
20 Invisible Sun The Police Hasn’t gone out of style
22 Crapfest Indopan Thump Thump