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Whitney Rose :: Rule 62

There is nothing about Whitney Rose’s country music that sets it apart from the archetype of a traditional female country singer, but great vocals and top-notch performances by an all-star cast of studio musicians make this a fun listen.

The Districts :: Popular Manipulations

Anthemic songs filled with dramatic dynamics and playing that ranges between thunderous and ethereal.

Downtown Boys :: Cost of Living

Aggressive, guitar-inflected punk, led by females unafraid to yell out lyrics in Spanglish… either precisely your cup of tea or an aggravating experience,

Kelley Stoltz :: Que Aura

At the extreme end of DIY is DEY — do everything yourself. It’s a unique solipsistic sound, and Stoltz is very good at it, blending a variety of rock, psych, and synth influences into his own sound.

Jen Cloher :: Jen Cloher

Tight set of songs from Australian native Cloher, a key figure in the Melbourne DIY scene that yielded Courtney Barnett. Brimming with character and fearlessness, this has the feeling of a brilliant debut to a stellar career.

Baby Jesus :: Took Our Sons Away

Garage rock revivalists from Sweden, guaranteed to make your monkey dance.

Caroline Says :: 50,000,000 Million Elvis Fans

A delicate and introspective set of self-recorded songs from an Alabama native that sound like they unspooled as Caroline Sallee sat by a Greyhound window, watching miles of Western US highways roll by. Because that’s what it is.

Guantanamo Baywatch :: Desert Center

The name is jokey but the songs are seriously warped surf-style instrumentals with occasional vocals and other trickery.