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Dearly Beloved :: Admission

Aggressive sounds from Canadia. Driving rock anthems with well-defined melodies, chugging guitars, and galloping bass.

Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs :: Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs

Dinosaur rock is alive and well here, and Coffey + Co deliver some great stuff that sounds like it came out of a 1970s time capsule.

Stanton Moore :: With You In Mind

A tribute to Allen Touissant organized by Stanton Moore, who plays drums for Galactic and many other New Orleans institutions. Featuring an all-star cast of NO funk and R+B luminaries, this collection of slickly produced proto-funk has something for everyone.

Pearl Earl :: Pearl Earl

Reverb- and keyboard-drenched psychedelia fronted by urgent female vocals. Out of Denton, TX, a town whose bands always deliver.

Nine Inch Nails :: Add Violence

Trent Reznor delivers more biting digial/analog fusion, with dark synth pads abetted by darker guitar tones.

Waxahatchee :: Out In The Storm

A bold performance from Katie Crutchfield, who bares her heart and rips her chords out in a cathartic explosion that eventually winds down into a somber mood.

Sun Seeker :: Biddeford EP

Lush pop with strange turns of melody and complicated hooks.

Teenage Bottlerocket :: Stealing The Covers

It’s all in the name… fast and fuzzy blow-up-in-your-face pop punk. With an attitude. These songs are all covers, but they’re from unknown/unsigned bands, so point to you, Teenage Bottlerocket.