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A Giant Dog :: Toy

Good collection of power pop, with male / female / duet vocals.

Oh Sees :: Orc

Relentless, pounding, and subtle beyond comprehension, these songs buzz by like a runaway saw, missing you by an eyelash.

The Fresh & Onlys :: Wolf Lie Down

Wildly varied compositions, ranging from driving fuzz with vocal harmonies to sparse tributes that sound like they came from “My Aim Is True” outtakes, to outright cowboy dirges

Widowspeak :: Expect The Best

Moody, semi-whispered low vocals and reverb-drenched guitar twang make for some very cinematic material.

Filthy Friends :: Invitation

Supergroup featuring members from the Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M., Sleater-Kinney and Baseball Project, driven by Peter Buck and Corin Tucker’s songwriting. Sounds like what you’d expect it to sound like.

Baby In Vain :: More Nothing

Danish female-fronted trio with punishing riffage and dramatic vocals

J. Roddy Walston & The Business :: Destroyers Of The Soft Life

Good southern-tinged rock, anthemic and singalong. Nothing ground-breaking, but top-notch songwriting and production.

El Ten Eleven :: Unusable Love EP

Synth-driven songs in a variety of moods, emboldened by a careful interplay of vocals and textures.