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Waax :: Big Grief

Girl-forward pop-punk with a harder edge, the type where dissonant guitar stabs merge into gloriously harmonized chorus hooks.

Seratones :: Power

The nostalgic approach strikes gold, as this goes back to the heyday of ‘60s girl groups, with heavenly vocals, shimmering production, and deep hooks that you will have a hard time shaking off.

Ride :: This Is Not A Safe Place

With so many new bands discovering and repurposing the swirling sounds of shoegaze, it’s no wonder original trailblazer is back with another collection of guitar-heavy near-instrumentals.

The Devil Makes Three :: Chains Are Broken

Americana with a punk-ass louche attitude always makes for a good bawdy time.

Dude York :: Falling

It’s an old recipe but it never fails: Mix some high-energy guitar rock, the kind with chuggy riffs, and put a female voice strong enough to withstand the maelstrom on top.

Violent Femmes :: Hotel Last Resort

This is kept stripped-down and acerbic, completely aligned with the band’s original punk-folk ethic.

B Boys :: Dudu

WIth their minimalist riffing, straight ahead drumming, and disaffected vocals, this band sounds so much like Parquet Courts I had to check that it wasn’t a side project

Mutagénicos :: 3

Straight up garage-billy from Spain, filled with surf rock, psychedelic, and British Invasion references. The vocals are in Spanish, but the bad bad attitude is unmistakable.