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Laura Gibson :: Goners

Sparse and haunting, this minimal acoustic approach works well with Gibson’s unique fairy vocals.

Carbonas :: Your Moral Superior

Fast and furious punk blasts that are over by the time you catch up with the hook, keeping true to the Ramones’ quarter-mile aesthetic

Cloud Nothings :: Last Building Burning

Great set of non-stop rocking from this one-man-band which turned into a full-blown outfit.

Mass Gothic :: I’ve Tortured You Long Enough

Very carefully constructed selection of cavernous compositions studded with a grandiose feel, fine detail, and moody lyrics.

White Denim :: Performance

A modern amalgam of fuzz, psychedelia, baroque pop, and over-the-top production, filled with hooks baited with earworms.

Sick Thoughts :: Sick Thoughts

Short blasts of punk fury. Many unsafe tracks, but the rest are a lot good quick fun.

Calvin Johnson :: A Wonderful Beast

It’s a fun party with Johnson, with his deep deep voice, laconic tone, and a boogie-down attitude from the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney

Yowler :: Black Dog In My Path

Despite the name, this is understated and minimalistic, with sparse instruments and a haunting voice floating on top.