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Generationals :: Reader As Detective

Electronic drums, layers and filigrees of keyboards, and falsetto choruses make for some glossy synthesizer soul music that wouldn’t be out of place on a late Eighties dance floor.

Okey Dokey :: Tell All Your Friend

It’s indie pop, but it’s also heavily inflected with soul, country, R&B, western swing, and a bad attitude.

Melvins + Shitkid :: Bangers

A collaboration of bad attitudes. The Melvins are the more disciplined of the two here but everyone’s affinity for big surly rock is running at 150%

Kyle Craft :: Showboat Honey

This is salty, and tangy, and spicy, and sweet, like the musical equivalent of a Mexican tamarind candy. It sounds so Sixties and Seventies that it must be from Today.

Gauche :: A People’s History of Gauche

Spiky little numbers filled with quicksilver guitar lines, the occasional horn section, punky drums and bass, and sing-song female vocals that sound like someone making fun of their bullies.

METZ :: Automat

This is heavy pounding music that is pounding and heavy, also distorted, and pounding and heavy. Somewhat repetitive, but some of us like it like that, and pounding, and heavy.

Imperial Teen :: Now We Are Timeless

Incredibly smart power pop overflowing with fat analog synth lines and enough earworms and hooks to launch a sonic fishing expedition.

Lala Lala :: Sleepyhead

Crafty pop punk, brimming over with chunky guitars, layered female vocals, and lots of sneering.