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Frankie Cosmos :: Close It Quietly

Sweetness and sunshine without overstepping into cloying and saccharine, with chiming guitars and subtle keyboard hooks providing a bed for clear female croonings.

Velvet Negroni :: Neon Brown

Awkward jams that nonetheless stick in your head on repeat, with highly-detailed production and a decidedly noir feel.

Ezra Furman :: Twelve Nudes

Furman sounds like he’s barely keeping it together as he blasts through a set of classic rockers, loaded with riffs and swagger.

Olivia Jean :: Night Owl

Heavily influenced by surf music and pre-psychedelic jangle, this collection of songs show a lot of energy and musicality, with Jean’s nicely hyper-reverberated guitar sharing the spotlight with her hypnotic vocals.

Caravan Palace :: Chronologic

Caravan Palace uses old-fashioned swing music for its digital building blocks and emerges with something like audio caffeine

Jay Som :: Anak Ko

Understated but solid set of songs with a strong female vocal presence. There’s a loving interlocking of guitar, bass, and keyboard lines that gives the music a rich and interesting texture.

Redd Kross :: Beyond The Door

The clown kings of LA punk are back with their (so-far) commercially-unviable yet overwhelmingly fulfilling mix of bad attitude and party rock.

The Rubinoos :: From Home

Straight and true from the source of power pop, the Rubinoos deliver carefully crafted AM radio gems filled with detailed arrangements, sharp turns of melody, and glorious harmonious infectious hooks.