Mixtape 209 :: Out For Milk

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Lewsberg Lewsberg

Lewsberg wear their love for certain protopunk prototypes quite well.

In this episode: almost monday, The Bug Club, Deathray, Drop Nineteens, Fizz, Grandaddy, Irving, Lewsberg, Lo-Fi-Fnk, Metric, Nevada Bachelors, Nirvana, Parker And Lily, Sarah Klang, Sex Clark Five, Sex Clark Five, Superchunk, Tipsy

  Song Artist Notes
1 Out For Milk Lewsberg Isn’t it great?
3 Short And Round The Bug Club A really nice haircut
4 Eyes Adjust to Light Irving Traveling near the speed of sound
5 The Secret To Life Fizz Don’t tell anyone
6 Check It Over Deathray Gives me the zaps
8 A Hitch Drop Nineteens Eccentric orbits
9 Suckers Metric For the Scott Pilgrim fans
10 Swingin' Spaceman Tipsy Pinapples in the vacuum
11 Boom Lo-Fi-Fnk Bringing the boing
13 Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana Leaves you hanging
14 You Are My Matinee Parker And Lily With flickering lights
15 life goes by almost monday So fast
16 Horror Business Superchunk Originally from the Misfits
18 Worst Mom Sarah Klang You know who you are
19 Girl Sex Clark Five More alternate timeline transmissions
20 I Got Use Of My Legs Sex Clark Five Both of them
21 Wild Boar Problem Nevada Bachelors It’s real
23 The Go In The Go-For-It Grandaddy Just forward my mail