Mixtape 204 :: Food In The House

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking

It’s American Thanksgiving time, and there is nothing quite like food in the house.

In this episode: Andrews Sisters, Applied Communications, Atomic 7, The Beatles, Binder + Krieglstein, Bongos, Bass, and Bob, Buddy Guy, The Clash, The Earthworms, Eskimo, The Evolution Control Committee, Kashmere Stage Band, Maow, Money Mark, Petra Haden, The Pilgrims, The Presidents of The United States of America, that dog., Ween

  Song Artist Notes
1 Food in the House The Pilgrims It’s the best
3 Family Functions that dog. More from Petra Haden in a bit
4 Kitchen Binder + Krieglstein Sounds like a happy kitchen
5 Magnetize Your Food The Evolution Control Committee Magnetize your kittens!
6 Lost in the Supermarket The Clash Still very relevant
8 Salmon Applied Communications Not the usual dish
9 Savoy Truffle The Beatles It’s way too much
10 Heinz Baked Beans Petra Haden From the Who Sell Out
11 Mo' Taters The Earthworms Don't want no meat
13 Pollo Asado Ween Baskeh of cheeps
14 Turkey Pot Pie Money Mark Funky pot pie
15 Pumpkins Eskimo Frantic and orange
16 Save Your Fork There's Pie Atomic 7 There’s pie!
18 Peaches The Presidents of The United States of America How apropos
19 Rum & Coca Cola (JoJo Effect Remix) Andrews Sisters Morey Amsterdam is a jerk
20 Mommie's Drunk Maow Feat. Neko Case
21 Oral Hygiene Bongos, Bass, and Bob Love your teeth
22 (I Got A) Stomach Ache Buddy Guy No one asked for it
24 Thank You Kashmere Stage Band Gratitude is the real dessert