Mixtape 193 :: Mood Ring

by Julius C. Lacking Julius C. Lacking
Buck Meek Buck Meek

This Buck Meek character is difficult to pin down, simultaneously rural and urbane.

In this episode: Binder + Krieglstein, Blur, Buck Meek, The Coctails, Delicate Steve, Derby, Four Corners, The Hold Steady, IP Warriors, Karate School Dropout, LMNOP, Man Man, Pixies, Three Mile Pilot, Tom Waits, Toots & The Maytals, Witch

  Song Artist Notes
1 Mood Ring Buck Meek The moodiest
3 The Narcissist Blur Big chunks of self
4 The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Four Corners Full of wooze
5 Carlos is Crying The Hold Steady Telling us a story
6 All Or Nothing Derby Take a fun ride
8 Clap Hands Tom Waits A grisly tale
9 I've Been Tired Pixies So tired
10 Take It Away LMNOP Calling for removal
11 Gamera Karate School Dropout More kaiju please!
13 First Snowfall The Coctails Always time for a saw
14 Find My Way Delicate Steve In a ‘70s mood
15 Way Of The Ocean Three Mile Pilot A nautical feel
17 By The Time You Realize Witch More epic travels
18 Piranhas Club Man Man A circus for adults
19 Kitchen Binder + Krieglstein Get cooking
20 I'm Talking IP Warriors Listen up
22 Bam Bam Toots & The Maytals The evening come