Mixtape 181 :: $20

Boygenius Boygenius

If you thought the days of the supergroup were over, Boygenius would like to have a word or three.

In this episode: Boygenius, Cake Like, Circa Waves, Desorden Público, The Dismemberment Plan, JAWNY, The Lemon Twigs, Lord High Fixers, Manu Chao, Me Dicen Jos, The Monkees, The Murlocs, The Revox, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Single Mothers, The Stepkids, Wargirl, Worriers

  Song Artist Notes
1 $20.00 Boygenius It’s twenty bucks
3 Lucky One Cake Like Originally “Cake"
4 Northern Town Circa Waves Slick in the rain
5 Losing Steam Salami Rose Joe Louis Algorithmic chord choices
6 Santos And Ken The Stepkids Stretched and funked
8 take it back (feat. Beck) JAWNY Loving it big and dumb
9 Can't Tame Me The Revox Lots of smoke, plenty of flames
10 The City The Dismemberment Plan A fractured lullaby
11 Pueblo Fantasma Desorden Público So appropriate
13 Mess Around Wargirl Old fashioned
14 Quincy Single Mothers Meet me at the roller disco
15 Goin' Down The Monkees 800 lb. groove
16 Initiative The Murlocs Ready to get going
18 Labios Sellados Me Dicen Jos An intimate setting
19 Creep Worriers Stressing for sure
20 Bixo Manu Chao Yearning for home
21 New To Me The Lemon Twigs The new mellow
23 We Want, We Would Appreciate Lord High Fixers It's working, I believe