Mixtape 179 :: Waiting

Orange Drink Orange Drink

Orange Drink can be sweet, it can be tart, and sometimes it will even remind you of citrus.

In this episode: Alison Goldfrapp, bar italia, Brainiac, Chinese Man, Com Truise, Com Truise, Daughter, Django Django, Fantastic Negrito, Foals, Fort Lauderdale, The Heliocentrics, Je Suis France, John Dwyer, Khruangbin & Kelly Doyle, Kid Koala, Kid Koala, Klint , KNOWER, Luna, Mark Mothersbaugh, Motor!k, Orange Drink, Orange Drink, Pierre Bastien, Protomartyr, The Velvet Underground, Yaqub Zoroofchi

  Song Artist Notes
1 Waiting Orange Drink Beginning the motorik
3 Digging Deeper Now Alison Goldfrapp It’s a dynamic world
4 Artichaut Chinese Man Singing on the sly
5 No Time (feat. Jack Peñate) Django Django Escape is imminent
6 Til We Meet Again (live at the Natural History Museum) Kid Koala Fractured sign-off
8 Polacrilex Kid Protomartyr Enumerate the ways
9 Swim Back Daughter Keep your breathing even
10 The Chilling Place Fort Lauderdale Dig the decorations
11 Slide Luna Free of friction
12 Diamond Klint Rolling on the bass
14 Wizard Of Points Je Suis France Cash them all in
15 Terra Illustris, Pt. 1 Motor!k A fitting name
16 Hardest Geometry Problem In The World Mark Mothersbaugh Quite difficult
17 San Siz Yaqub Zoroofchi Deep melancholy
19 You Better Have a Gun Fantastic Negrito Self defense is advised
20 Wake Me Up (Dan Carey Dub) Foals Spread and dubbed
21 Punks The Heliocentrics Stuttering through the changes
22 4 Morant (Better Luck Next Time) Com Truise The club is looking hostile
24 Ride That Dolphin KNOWER Ocean music
25 Nurse! bar italia In need of medical attention
26 Flypaper Brainiac An unearthed gem
27 Things Are Gonna Change (feat. Lealani) Kid Koala Scratch the itch
28 Negative Sister John Dwyer Stuttering madness
30 Woman Trouble Khruangbin & Kelly Doyle Subtle waftings
31 Rasta tsar Pierre Bastien The message is forthcoming
32 Sleeve Of A Tweed Jacket (Elbow Patch) Orange Drink Introspective journey
33 Oh! Sweet Nothin' The Velvet Underground Ain’t got nothin’ at all
35 Brokendate Com Truise A warbling call