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Yowler :: Black Dog In My Path

Despite the name, this is understated and minimalistic, with sparse instruments and a haunting voice floating on top.

Cullen Omori :: The Diet

A solid effort filled with gently sparkling guitar lines and subtle hooks, this manages to sound completely retro and current at the same time.

Rubblebucket :: Sun Machine

Like chocolate-covered potato chips, this mixture of disparate ingredients sounds unlikely but sounds delicious.

Rollercoasterwater :: Degauss

Angular and glitchy while remaining melodic, this is a labyrinthine set of electronic compositions inviting attention to detail or outright zoning out.

The Love Language :: Baby Grand

Swirling with electronic highlights, these emotional songs provide multiple layers, angelic choruses, and expressive lyrics.

Tokyo Police Club :: TPC

Solid collection of guitar-forward indie rock.

Kero Kero Bonito :: Time n’ Place

The off-kilter combination of glossy vaguely Japanese pop and glitching vaguely Japanese noise treatments make for an interesting mix.

Hippo Campus :: Bambi

Nicely done collection of funky pop, or poppy funk.