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Joe Jack Talcum :: Joe Jack Talcum sings Railroad Bill and Other Songs

A sparse yet not simple outing for this member of the Dead Milkmen, including some truly folksy stuff like the title track and “Cool Water”, and surprisingly sophisticated original tracks delivered in the same man-and-his-acoustic guitar aesthetic.

The Lemon Twigs :: Songs for the General Public

Bombastic pop filled with lush arrangements, bizarre chord extensions, and unexpected harmonies aren’t everyone’s cup of kombucha, but those of us that have acquired the taste will drink this stuff by the gallon.

Naked Giants :: The Shadow

Sometimes you just need a pounding beat and a shout-along chorus, and this is something Naked Giants truly excel at, throwing in plenty of inventive twists and turns to keep the whole thing from collapsing into a steaming pile of riffs.

Fantastic Negrito :: Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?

The essence of R&B, with a soulful vocals that range from besotted to anguished and lush harmonic arrangements covering slow jams, hot funk and everything in between.

Joey Joesph :: Smile

Covering the Beach Boys’ mythical album Smile from start to finish is not an original idea, but Joesph’s take on the matter is filled to the brim with inventive perspectives on a lost classic.

Robyn Hitchcock :: The Man Downstairs: Demos & Rarities

A variety of acoustic guitar performances from Hitchcock, of songs both original and by others, which results in a very contemplative sort of musical journey.

Pretenders :: Hate For Sale

If you wanted some watered-down drinks type of songs because Hynde now qualifies for an AARP membership, you should probably look elsewhere, because this is true-to-form confessional gritty rock

Paint :: Spiritual Vegas

When you make pop psychedelia with an exotic yet indeterminate element, you end up with the musical soundtrack to a children’s television show from an alternate reality.