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illuminati hotties :: FREE I.H: This Is Not The One You've Been Waiting For

Swerving wildly between sweetly melodic and audibly unhinged, this carousel of buzzsaw-inflected ditties definitely whirls too fast, and you’ll enjoy every minute of its glitchy post-hardcore pop magic.

Cut Worms :: Nobody Lives Here Anymore

This is a heady mix of Tin Pan Alley melodies, lonesome cowboy delivery, and ornate arrangements fit for the most dramatic of the theater kids.

Billy Martin :: G U I L T Y

Billy Martin’s drumming makes me think of oxymorons like “precisely sloppy” and “intensely casual” and “red hot chill out”. This album lives within a zone that’s hazily bounded by funk, jazz, and electronic dance music.

NOFX + Frank Turner :: West Coast vs. Wessex

Two very political acts, performing each other’s songs. NOFX is archetypically SoCal snot-nose punk, while Frank Turner is from a proud tradition of left-leaning UK strummers, but the songs fare well in any protester’s hands.

Born Ruffians :: SQUEEZE

The second release in less than a year from this outfit continues along the same path, which is to say meticulously crafted indie guitar mini-symphonies.

Deerhoof :: Love-Lore

You never know what to expect from Deerhoof, even if your list contains “sound art medleys improvised out of musical themes recognizable and unrecognizable”

Star Feminine Band :: Star Feminine Band

Pure unbridled joy bursts forth from the moment these young Beninese women begin doing their thing. Even if liquid song structures and single-voiced group singing aren’t normally your thing, you should give it a taste.

Joe Jack Talcum :: Joe Jack Talcum sings Railroad Bill and Other Songs

A sparse yet not simple outing for this member of the Dead Milkmen, including some truly folksy stuff like the title track and “Cool Water”, and surprisingly sophisticated original tracks delivered in the same man-and-his-acoustic guitar aesthetic.