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CFM :: Dichotomy

Fuzzy solo project from LA fixture Charles Moothart, with a DIY ethic clearly in place.

St. Vincent :: Masseduction

Annie Clarke’s strong voice floats effortlessly above a dense cascade of synthetic and organic sounds

Various Artists :: Like A Version

A wildly careening set of covers from Australias Triple J radio megalith. Loads of fun.

The Front Bottoms :: Going Grey

The masters of punk Americana return with a highly-polished and well-produced effort.

Liars :: TFCF

Down to one original member, who recorded most of this in the Australian bush, this album sounds desperate and hopeful at the same time with its strange mix of acoustic, electronic, and environmental sounds.

Wolf Parade :: Cry Cry Cry

Dense arrangements of fragile parts, a wide palette of textures and tempos, and a pervading sense of drama make this a collection of pensive songs

Mister Heavenly :: Boxing The Moonlight

If the aliens thought we communicated in oldies, and were trying to send us a message, this would be it.

Reptaliens :: FM-2030

An eccentric selection of songs, teetering on the edges of what is considered decent girl-fronted pop.