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Great Grandpa :: Plastic Cough

Female-fronted alt-rock with sparkly pop sensibilities that sounds straight out of the ‘90s

Secret Colours :: Dream Dream

Is it possible to overuse the word “swirly” when describing modern psychedelia? Not at all! This paisley-hued collection of dream and drama will transport you to a kaleidoscopic land of… where was I going with this?

This Is The Kit :: Moonshine Freeze

Kate Stables is a one-woman tour-de-force, and this John Parrish production brings her talents to the front. Weird time signatures, off-kilter melodies, and quite inventive arrangements.

Lee Bains III + the Glory Fires :: Youth Detention

Alabama native Lee Bains III and three other guys recorded these 17 anthems of southern-fried disillusion live to two-track, and the energy is pegging the needle. It’s not a new sound, but it’s very well done.

The Human Circuit :: Electric City

Meticulously-crafted arrangements highlighted by male-female harmonies, occasional orchestral instruments, and a wide use of dynamics.

Fatso :: On Tape

A nice set of New Orleans-style blue funk from this Colombian band on a German label

Shitkid :: Modern Music

Bratty bedroom fuzz from an out there Swedish woman, this rocks in a raw way, like someone who wanted to build on the sounds of the Flat Duo Jets, the White Stripes, and the Raveonettes, but didn’t actually need a second person to make it happen.

Waax :: Wild and Weak EP

Whip-smart hooks, electronic frosting, and a sassy female vocalist make for a good combination.