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Free Radicals :: Outside the Comfort Zone

A dynamic collection of mostly-short funky jazz instrumentals, with a full horn section and a driving beat.

Wolf Alice :: Visions of a Life

Guitars, synths, great production, and pop hooks a-plenty.

Chicago Afrobeat Project :: What Goes Up

More modern Afrobeat, connected to the source via drummer Tony Allen. A wild collection of Chicago talents united for a smoothly entrancing session of shorter (for Afrobeat) songs.

Cherry :: Dumbness

An honest tribute to stupidity, full of hooks, snappy lyrics, and gorgeous choruses

METZ :: Strange Peace

The line between a riff and a throbbing structures of pitched rhythm is pretty thin, as these Canadians show. METZ is punishing without being abusive. A Steve Albini recording.

The Flamin' Groovies :: Fantastic Plastic

Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson reunite to bring back the sound that made the Flamin’ Groovies famous 40 years ago with “Shake Some Action”. A solid return to form.

The Bronx :: (V)

Classic LA hardcore served up in a blaze. An aggressive release from an aggressive band.

Holiday Ghosts :: Holiday Ghosts

Garage rock like it’s meant to be, full of barely-controlled fuzz, raging vocals, warbling organs, and four-on-the-floor drums.