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The Creation Factory :: The Creation Factory

A pitch perfect replica of what made the British Invasion so formidable. Face-melting fuzz, underwater cathedral organs, warbling vocal harmonies, and so much more.

Jamie Younkin :: Did It Anyway

Trumpeter Jamie Younkin mixes standards and her own compositions in this smoky set of songs that feature languid vocals and finessed horn playing.

Bênní :: The Return

Cinematic expressions of synthesis collide and swirl for an introspective instrumental journey. Analog reigns supreme to bring an auditory vision of a future from the past.

Red Baraat :: Sound The People

A beat-heavy collection of international sounds, this band is literally all over the place in a boundary-pushing mix of afrobeat, bhangra, hip-hop, jazz and other genres.

Buck Meek :: Buck Meek

If you think a song about car repairs can’t touch your heart, you’ve never heard Buck Meek. A unique voice and an easy country rock feel.

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices :: BooCheeMish

A sound you could classify as ethereal, alien, or both. Ancient gregorian harmonies collide with Middle Eastern time signatures for something truly unique. Features DCD’s Lisa Gerrard

Grimskunk :: Unreason In the Age of Madness

Aggressive metal-reggae-funk, which is not something I generally like, but this one has some sort of undermined charm to it.

Johnny Marr :: Call The Comet

Johnny Marr, who provided his distinctive liquid guitar sound to the Smiths and many others, returns with a solo album that shows not much has changed.