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Jesse and the Dandelions :: Give Up The Gold

Thoughtful and delicate, this collection of songs features a variety of near-pastoral pop tunes.

Charles Bradley :: Black Velvet

Posthumous release for this powerhouse soul singer. Perfect for a ‘70s cop drama.

Iron and Wine :: Weed Garden EP

A brief taste of Iron and Wine’s evolving style, filling out the expected introspective strumming with updated production and a fuller “band” feel.

J Mascis :: Elastic Days

A next-generation Neil Young, J Mascis blends massive guitar riffs, introspective lyrics, and a whiny delivery to great effect.

Blood Orange :: Negro Swan

This is a smooth collection of beats and grooves filled with intricate chord work and surprising vocals.

Interpol :: Marauder

Overthinking garage rock never goes out of style, and Interpol continues to put out albums that sound just like Interpol.

Brick + Mortar :: Meta Meta Etc.

Diverse mix of influences, from synth pop to hip hop to plain old indie rock.

The Holy Knives :: Year of the Black Dog

Dark and bombastic, this is full of dragged-out ballads and dramatic pauses for moody rainy evenings