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Tacocat :: This Mess Is A Place

It’s catchy pop punk, and it’s clearly female-powered, but there’s more here than rainbow stickers, glorious hooks and riffs, and big puffy girl handwriting.

Versing :: 10,000

Focused on the guitar but not so much in keeping things in normal scale systems, this band punches through some heavy dissonance to make for memorable riffs.

Big Thief :: U.F.O.F.

Mysteriously complicated folk music, with the sort of lush guitar arrangements and ethereal vocals that brought 4AD to prominence 30+ years ago.

Cayucas :: Real Life

Clever pop songs, filled with good hooks and ready for mixtapes

The Budos Band :: The Budos Band V

A completely international approach to music, with influences ranging from funk to afrobeat to Balkan brass, blurring genres and locations in a glorious celebration of groove.

Fontaines DC :: Dogrel

Razor-sharp post-punk delivered with a disaffected Irish brogue. Very smart on many levels, recalling The Fall when they were at their most musical

Øzwald :: Sweet Delirium

Sparkling gems, with great ‘70s AM radio hooks and harmonies and incredibly detailed production.

Drunken Prayer :: Cordelia Elsewhere

There’s a handful of acts that can stand out in the vast prairie that makes up modern rural American music, transcending strummy acoustic guitars and introspective lyrics to make something deeper.