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Old Time Relijun :: See Now and How

What kind of raving madman discotheque is this? I don’t care that the singer yells like a man stuck in a tarpit, I’m staying for the groove.

Metric :: Art of Doubt

With Emily Haines’ expressive vocals standing proud and up front, this is a collection of catchy singalong dance rock anthems.

Dead Can Dance :: Dionysus

An epic tale set to music, and a whirlwind tour of world musics.

The Skiffle Players :: Skiff

Words like “rollicking”, “thumping”, and “boisterous” apply to this fun mix of blues, boogie, and mystery meats.

The Bad Man :: Laughing With Bad Teeth

The macabre sounds of The Bad Man will appeal to those who like dark carnivals and shadowy ringmasters rasping out bits of polka, sea shanty, ska, and more.

King Brothers :: Wasteland

Another all-out rock-and-roll assault from Japan … they never get bored and neither do I.

The Brother Brothers :: Some People I Know

If you like bands with Brothers in the name, the kind that pluck guitars, plunk banjos, and sing in close harmonies, here’s some more great stuff.

Fucked Up :: Dose Your Dreams

You can call them EFFED UP if you like. A solid and expansive set of music that draws from psychedelia, hardcore, punk, rough-cut ska, and many more.