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Melkbelly :: PITH

Sultry, measured vocals are set off against an array of spiky arrangements and instrumental bursts, song parts constantly evolving and mutating, so that little finishes the way it started.

Born Ruffians :: JUICE

Nailing the indie guitar sound is one thing, but Born Ruffians have become so adept at it that it’s more like lathering it in epoxy, then bolting it down, and adding some rivets for good measure.

Ty Segall :: Segall Smeagol

Jealousy is an intense driving artistic force, and nowhere is this more evident than with the recent tradition of releasing a covers album. These selections from Nilsson Schmilsson show a good variety of styles and approaches.

Margaret Glaspy :: Devotion

Glaspy’s voice is a broad crooked smile, unique in its shape and well-suited for this particular set of laconic jangle.

Peter Bjorn + John :: Endless Dream

Not exactly dance music, but very danceable music, filled with intricate pop arrangements, sly lyrics, and impeccable production.

Disq :: Collector

Finely crafted pop songs dressed up in rock outfits, shifting moods and approaches with every track.

Cornershop :: England is a Garden

Tjinder Singh’s easygoing voice and melodies, and penchant for carefree sunny grooves sits well at the center of this multicultural stew, where flute accents weave in and out of the loops.

Tennis :: Swimmer

Intricate blue-eyed soul arrangements and a heavenly female pop singer intersect into something decidedly sturdy and magnetic.